18th of June 2011, Puerto Rico, 2011 Puerto Rico FORMULA WINDSURFING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Training in Puerto Rico

I arrived here in Puerto Rico Yesterday. Gonzalo has been here over a week training with Nahuel Abran from Argentina.
Conditions are looking nice, yesterday we sailed all day well powered up on 11s.
Organizers are working hard to make it a great event.
I've attached a few pictures for sailors to have an idea of how it is on the course area where the worlds will be held.
This was Gonzalo and Nahuel out on the water.

Wilhelm Schurmann

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jason | 18th June 2011 (23:41:51)

The venue looks amazing.
Tks for the pic Shurman.

kaka | 19th June 2011 (12:37:01)

i like :D

BrettMorris | 23rd June 2011 (02:18:58)

Hi wind formula...Can't wait. looks like an amazing venue...

jirafa | 23rd June 2011 (02:58:55)

gonza,te tengo mucha fe,suerte

francesco zarbo | 23rd June 2011 (10:24:06)


anothaanonym | 23rd June 2011 (11:05:16)

LOL and next year will be the same sentences... no money, no competitors and Olympic Games in London
on the calender.
Why still dividing the events? Europeans, Worlds ect.. all fleets together and you might have real numbers.

22 competitors in 3 fleets lol, FE on 3rd place in european master fleet, 6 youth and 3 chicas in the youth fleet. What a level, every polish club race got a higher niveau... think about.

Where is Silvaplana, Lake Garda ? Nobody able to start an event there? Thats how interesting Formula in the world of windsurfing is... 0%
Im sorry for that, because Im loving to do Formula

anothaanonym | 23rd June 2011 (11:09:15)

and one more thing.
RSX ate your competitors- more support for clubs, riders through the national association. A lot of money from the Olympic Pot...
Formula moved into a corner, international riding competitors are mostly pimped by rich families, sugar daddies and/or some monetary solvent clubs...

*** | 23rd June 2011 (20:52:06)

Hey dude, just put a socket on it. Go bother someone else.

FRA-418 | 24th June 2011 (18:07:54)

Formula is healthy for human being and it is what matter most.

It's good for body and brain. Lot's can be learned from an engineering point of view. It can be low cost with older stuff (super cheap) and healthy for the windsurfing industry with the different brands.

Formula is at the edge of development which might annoy some.

Royce | 29th June 2011 (23:10:58)

Anyone know where we can get more pictures of both the racing (when it starts) & other people training? Thanks again Wilhelm.

SeanAUS120 | 30th June 2011 (21:48:38)

You would have got them from me, but I got robbed on Aruba last week and all my camera gear got stolen. argggh.

There is a FB gallery I have the link for but I can't post it on here because of the spam filter :-(

SeanAUS120 | 30th June 2011 (21:50:16)

I just tweeted the FB link as I can't think of another way to share it (if you're friends with me on FB you can find it on my profile).

@SeanAUS120 is my twitter...

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