4th of June 2011, Italy, Riccione 2011 Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix

Day four report

18:10 | No more racing today.
A dinner at 8.00 for the sailors and friends at the beach - and a live band playing at 10.30. First possible start tomorrow is 08.00 hrs

15:26 | the racers have been sent to the beach - we have to wait for a further improvement in conditions

11:07 | AP on committee boat -instead of increasing , the wind has decreased to 5/6 knots

15:06 | not long to the warning signal

14:38 | AP down. 7>8 knots on the course - not yet enough , but with 30 minutes to the warning signal it is the right decision. It is expected the wind should build a little more.

13:32 | no change - except a little more onshore

12:32 | we hope you find the van keys soon ..

12:30 | a good party last night next to the club - a few competitorstook the opportunity to sleep under the stars - Hubert, POL25 , for one ...

12:15 | we are waiting for wind- and the lunchbreak!

11:15 | the racers are sent back to the beach - we wait for improved conditions

11:00 | The race officer has flown postponement on the water - wind has dropped to 6 knots

10:37 | AP stays down - first warning signal is at 11.00. The wind is average 7/8 knots - with the wind slowly building - we hope by the start it is a steady 9/10 knots.

05:25 | The organisers are looking after the competitors very well - free lunch and snacks/water daily ...and last night a nice fish dinner at the club.

05:12 | I hope the focus can now be on the racing !

09:10 | It is the cause of unnecessary aggravation at events - the rules are there for two very good reasons: to ensure fair sailing and effective race management. An added bonus is self promotion via your sail number and better media attention.

09:05 | Once again it seems that some racers do not know the class rules, or windsurfing competition rules (WCR) regarding sail identification; or they know and choose to ignore the rules.

8:58 | Todays first possible warning signal is at 11.00- we are hoping the thermic breeze is domimant today and we get a full days racing .