3rd of June 2011, Italy, Riccione 2011 Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix

No change at the top of the ranking in Riccione ....

Only one race was possible today at the Riccione Grand Prix - Casper Bouman secured another win to leave him at the top of the eventranking at the end of the second racing day.
An early start was scheduled to maximise the chance of racing , but the forecast conditions did appear ! No surprise - however after the lunch break the wind did swing and it looked likely we would have a good thermic breeze during the afternoon. Prior to to start the wind reached 11/12 knots - but it turned out to be another frustrating and difficult day for all concerned - race committee and racers !
Mid way through the race the wind started to decrease, and as the leading racers rounded mark 1 for the last time it was clear that some sailors further back were dropping off the plane.
As the leading racers made their way to the finish the race officer had to decide - abandon or allow the top few to finish. After working hard to complete a 30 minute race would the sailors appreciate an abandoned flag as they approach the finish line? Eighteen sailors finished in time and the result stands.
NED52 leads the fleet from Steve Allen (AUS0) and third placed Martin Ervin (EST202).
Leading the lightweight division in 5th place overall - Miguel Martinho (POR5); first youth Kieran Badloe (NED194)

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John | 3rd June 2011 (21:57:01)

Dutchies lets rock some ass there.

gr, John Munten

gre-969 | 4th June 2011 (09:12:59)

When the right condition come up our greek Masters will show the fastest way to the finished line !!!!! hope so ,hahaha....

Anonym | 4th June 2011 (10:42:26)

why even the sail number rule issue is even discussed now? the rules are clear and published already few years ago. if someone is deciding his own sailnumbers, but they do not match the rules, i guess its pretty well written also in rules what the cause may be.

anonym | 4th June 2011 (21:45:19)

they will learn quick ; if the sailnumbers dont match the rules = DNF

ak | 4th June 2011 (22:35:52)

better wind we have got on polish lakes

formulamakesmelaugh | 5th June 2011 (11:38:32)

23 competitors on Grand Prix Event ! Formula is dead, thanx to the association ignoring rules, weather conditions, non famous riders, sponsors and more.
How the sport should grow without naming sponsors on rankings, building up team- and/or nation ranking, founding national and continental leagues, having a professional forum and media support including a liveticker from eventside? Every Clubrace on old longboards has more competitors than this "World level" - Event

SeanAUS120 | 5th June 2011 (12:00:10)


There are 60 guys registered here. Not bad considering there is conflicting events like the PWA/Defi Wind/German Cup which may have brought extra competitors.

Sure, there is no wind here at all, but the sport is a long way from dead ;-)

formulamakesmelaugh | 5th June 2011 (12:23:09)

60... why not more than 23 competitors finished in 2 races? PWA... which ones of these competitors at Roses in this moment normally taking part in Formula races? German Cup? You ever saw german competitors like Flesner or others beside Kordel, Langer and Abendrot competiting in international formula races? The german cup this weekend is a slalom amateur comp called Neilpryde Challenge, so formula riders could go to Italy - but no swiss, austrian, french riders there too.
Formula is dead, no support from brands no R&D in big stuff only remanagement of graphics.
You shouldn´t stay behind your black sails to have a look on the reality.

formulamakesmelaugh | 5th June 2011 (12:47:56)

And one more argument, why was this race announced to an Grand Prix level if its date collides with PWA and Defi?
Isn´t it the work of the association to find the best way and time schedule to avoid such problems?

Dagan, Williams, Hoevel, Menegatti and others would be happy

ceri | 5th June 2011 (13:21:08)

the grand prix was scheduled after consulting PWA re calendar and being told the costa brava event would be same dates as last year. GP was scheduled before defi wind dates announced.

SeanAUS120 | 5th June 2011 (13:53:59)

No R&D? C'mon, this board cycle we have new brands on the market like JP, Drops, Patrik, CarbonArt etc. Some of the sails on the market have really improved this year also, also a lot of riders have changed brands this year and the results are quite interesting.

You can't just say because of one event the sport is dead. 60 to me is a good turnout. I think the super light winds at this spot kept some people (some Italians, haha) away. We raced in incredibly light winds on the first 2 days which is why so many missed the time limit. For sure none of the Germans were going to come anyway, but I meant to make a point that there is lots of events clashing.

I agree with you that the brands don't support the class enough though ;-)

Anonym | 5th June 2011 (20:37:25)

You "formulamakesmelaugh" gives me the impression that you have no idea what FW really is and does , because if you knew you never would talk so negative about it. Probably you missed that there exist a world wide economic crises especially in Europe , and 58 competitors at this event is a very good number for a very technical and tactical sport like FW.
From Greece we had 2 competitors at the event and other 3 of us me incloud planed to go as well but because of the f@@@ing economic crises, we had to canceled it few days before the race, I believe many others had the same problemes like us.
Iam sure you will find the right sport for your self just stay positive, for sure FW is not the right one for you.

Anonym | 6th June 2011 (11:25:21)

Face it, FW is just a shadow of what it was. And two races in 6 knots of wind is a pretty lame start to the season. Will be interesting to see if it improves slightly or if the class disappears completely..

Anonym | 6th June 2011 (11:55:34)

is fw a male only sport now

aaa | 6th June 2011 (18:13:54)

FW never die! I'm sure on 100%

kaka | 6th June 2011 (22:45:32)

fw rocks. formulamakesmelaugh is just shitty racer that cant make any progress :) dude go out trainig and stop complaining

bart | 7th June 2011 (01:37:07)

@kaka - you hit the nail in the head

Pol1111 | 7th June 2011 (12:22:07)

Whenever I go for my lake, in the middle of the week, morning, evening, there is always somebody on formula board to practice with. Other classes of windsurfing and sailing are only occasionally represented.
Formula Windsurfing is not dead as long we are alive

Anonym | 10th June 2011 (01:31:59)

No Girls whats going on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonym | 10th June 2011 (13:57:15)

No girls but many Champions and this is what counts !!!

Anonym | 12th June 2011 (04:46:51)

that is a very gay statement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fabio melo | 13th June 2011 (20:56:59)


Anonym | 14th June 2011 (17:16:49)

hahaha .. no what it counts is girls ,, that is what sales ,,,, we need more got girls arround ,, keep the sport cool

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