2nd of June 2011, Italy, Riccione 2011 Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix

Day two report

B>18:46 | Tonight we have an opening party with buffet - i am sure it will be a good night .It is a public holiday in Italy and Riccione is a party town !

18:45 | No more racing today. The schedule for tomorrow is changed - first possible warning signal is 10.00hrs

18:17 | meantime we have a demonstration of Freestyle Frisbee by 3 times world champion

18:34 | the curse of the lost internet !! we are back and still waiting on the beach , but it does not look promising.

17:35 | top 10 finishers - NED52, AUS0, POL16 (ocs), GER220, EST202, NED34, ITA415, POL555, BRA999(ocs) NED13,

17:28 | the wind is too light to start another race- the racers are sent to the beach.

16:53 | the leading sailors made mark 1 in just over 6 minutes . The course is two laps of WL course with offset mark to windward and leeward gate.

16:50 | OK - race 1 is underway , i try to bring you more info...

16:37 | They have also many sponsors - including main sponsor Marcar, and supporting sponsors Turbolenza and Surf Paradise.

16:35 | While we wait for the start - a moment to thank the organising club-Club Vela Marano. They have mobilised a big group of volunteers to help at this GP. Everything is organised perfectly.

16:33 | the course is ready - and it looks like enough wind, i hope we start race one very soon

16:25 | everyone is moving quickly to get on the water - accompanied by some great heavy metal !

16:07 | the wind is 10 knots , but it may swing a little more before settling in direction of thermic breeze

16:05 | AP is down - 30 minutes to the warning signal for the first race

15:17 | The wind is less than 6 knots and shifting - we are waiting at the beach

13:31 | This is always the worst conditions for a race officer - wind is on the limit, sometimes up, sometimes down. The average is 6 knots. It is possible the wind will shift as the afternoon progresses.

13:29 | we are on postponement at the beach

12:29 | Wind is on the edge of the limit - but the race committee are making the course ready

12:27 | The entry list includes: 3 times world champions Steve Allen and Wojtek Brzozowski; current youth World Gabriele Browne; current vice world champion Paulo Dos Reis; world ranking leader Wilhelm Schurman; and may more

12:26 | We have finished the skippers meeting- 3 late entries the total number is now 58.

11:40 | 20 minutes to Skippers meeting- 55 competitors from 15 countries are registered - AUS, BRA, CRO, ESP, EST, GBR, GER, GRE, ITA, LAT, LTU, NED, POL, POR, SUI