1st of June 2011, Italy, Riccione 2011 Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix

Day one report

20:10 | Tomorrow morning we have late registration followed by skippers meeting and first possible start at 1300. Today there was good wind for training and a practice race; the organisation is ready; the club volunteers are very enthusiastic and helpful.

20:05 | 51 competitors already registered - from 15 countries including Australia and Brasil. The Baltic Cup countries are well represented -from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Arriving soon a team from Croatia.

10:45 | Many more competitors will be arriving today - the forecast does not look good for today, but the weather is changeable and sea breezes normal. Riccione is at the centre of 20km of coatline that is a famous holiday playground for italians. We expect it to become a firm favourite with visiting formula racers !

10:40 | good morning - day one at Riccione GP. We have a press conference at 12.00 and registration will start this afternoon. Racing starts tomorrow - 4 racing days are scheduled. We have competitors here from - Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Brasil, Australia and Italy.