6th of May 2011, Italy, Riccione 2011 Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix

Riccione welcomes the Formula Windsurfing entourage...

Riccione is the venue chosen for the first 2011 Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix. The Italian Vela Club Marano Riccione will be hosting the event from 1st to 5th June.Riccione is a town in the province of Rimini Emilia-Romagna, in northern Italy.Since the 1930s, Riccione gained the status of summer tourist destination of the Adriatic Riviera of Romagna and, together with Rimini, is one of the best known seaside resorts in the region.The streets of Riccione are full of discos, hotels, cafĂŠs and parties. The seafront, a long boulevard, is an amazing spot for a walk in the windsurfing nights.

Event website - http://www.grandprixriccione.com/eng/

Many racers from all over the world have already signed up, including - Australia, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, UK ... and a very strong team from Brasil whose team are renowned travellers and include Paul Dos Reis, Wilhelm Schurmann, Gabriel Browne, Victor Melo, Aldo Maia and Mathias Pinheiro.

You can enter on line at - http://www.grandprixriccione.com/eng/online-subscription.php

The organization recommended that participants to check the hotels located near the Event Grand Prix Riccione by web site.
For quotes and bookings should be sent to the email request directly to the hotel that will reply promptly.
We also suggest to book your rooms with some advance 'cause Grand Prix of Riccione 2011 will be in conjunction with the National Holiday (2nd June). http://www.grandprixriccione.com/eng/accommodation.php

Check the event poster - plenty happening in Riccione during first week of June !
Photo gallery - http://www.grandprixriccione.com/photogallery/formula-windsurf.8.html