6th of January 2011

View from the Chair ... a great year in prospect

Taking into consideration the difficult global financial situation, 2010 was not such a bad year, with a great world championship in Argentina followed by a year full of good regional and national events on the ranking calendar. The one big disappointment was being unable to sanction a European Championship.
However, the future is looking very bright; already the 2011 world ranking calendar has more events scheduled than in 2010 - with many more in the pipeline and soon to be added. My ambition is to reach a target of 40 ranking events - not unreasonable if each member nation offers one national "open" event for the ranking. A great opportunity to raise the profile both of formula in that country , and of the sport in general.
This years worlds will, for the first time in the history of the class, travel to North America; hosted in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Four continental championships are confirmed , including a Europeans in Liepaja, Latvia.
Three Grand Prix internationals are already confirmed , with the possibility of 2 or 3 more to follow.

To maximise promotion of the class events the website will undergo a "face lift" and an upgraded, new look, fw.org should be on line early in the year.

Have a great year of formula racing wherever you are ; make sure you tell someone about it , especially your national associations , your industry contacts and your national and local media!

Ceri Williams , Chairman

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de | 6th January 2011 (20:55:39)

date of the world?

Anonym | 7th January 2011 (05:42:14)


Anonym | 7th January 2011 (09:22:03)

Thanks for your effort and support Ceri, it is really appreciated.

Anonym | 8th January 2011 (15:49:57)

Early July for fw worlds in PR

neric | 8th January 2011 (20:36:34)


Anonym | 8th January 2011 (22:17:23)

Puerto Rico.

neric | 9th January 2011 (14:26:02)

so fareaway....

Anonym | 9th January 2011 (23:19:45)

PLEASE !! do you have the dates of the FW worls?? really importante for me to know quickly!!!

ceri | 11th January 2011 (00:54:52)

Everywhere is a long way from somewhere. Just think about americans, australians, asians so often travelling to europe for major events. FW is still the main racing class in US - they have never had a worlds in NA since FW started in 1999.....

ceri | 11th January 2011 (00:56:38)

dates are 4th >9th Julty - but remain provisional until the Notice of Race is published. That should happen very soon.

george | 11th January 2011 (09:14:40)

that wouldnt be the best as we have nordic and dutch champs until 3rd. whats the point of doing three events at the same time? this is not very supportive to the class

johannes | 12th January 2011 (19:46:50)

100% agree with George, after Nordic we need minimum 2 days to fly some place in US ... dont think to do FW without us.

pawel | 13th January 2011 (12:15:30)

any wind statistic for PR in July???

Peter | 15th January 2011 (08:02:47)

So basically what you're all saying is that your Nationals are more important to you than the Worlds?

PT | 15th January 2011 (13:01:18)

It would be aprox 20-30 sailors from the nordic hwo allso want to race in the worlds, and allso want to race in the nordic`s and national race. If that is strange, go think one more time first.

ceri | 15th January 2011 (14:47:32)

we want everyone who wants to race in the Worlds to be able to do so.

roben | 15th January 2011 (16:31:13)

ceri, so maybe another date than that one?

ceri | 16th January 2011 (02:53:48)

not in Puerto rico

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