8th of November 2010, Brazil, Fortaleza Grand Prix

Footage from the FW Grand-Prix event

Pro Team rider Sean O'Brien traveled to the northern seaside city of Fortaleza in Brasil this week to compete at the final FW Grand-Prix World Tour event.

Here, Sean shares some of his thoughts on his first experience traveling and windsurfing in Brasil. Footage from the FW Grand-Prix event was shot by Claudio @ Morlima Films.

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Alberto ITA 4 | 8th November 2010 (14:25:04)

Nice video as usual Sean!!!
Good job!

SeanAUS120 | 8th November 2010 (23:28:00)

Thanks mate. Got the token bikini girl shot in as usual too ...

Shame you couldn't get down there to kick all our @sses.

Alberto ITA 4 | 10th November 2010 (00:57:33)

I noticed the girl ;) ahahahhaah

Will come with u in 2011 ;) definitely!!

fan | 10th November 2010 (21:36:54)

whats the name of a song?

SeanAUS120 | 10th November 2010 (23:52:30)

The main song is "Bang Bang Bang" by Mark Ronson and the Business Intl.

Also when I'm speaking later on the track is "Jigsaw Falling in to Place" by Radiohead.