9th of October 2010

Fortaleza GP - have you made your plans yet ?

This reminder just in from the organisers --

Fortaleza is holding an big event and for this reason the availability of rooms in our hotels are a little complicated. The Marina Park Hotel does not have any room available for the period of the event.

Follow below the fares of the hotels that we still have availability and agreement for some bedrooms.

Sea Mar Hotel < http://www.seamarhotel.com.br/Hotel.htm >

Fare: U$ 80,00

Classic Apart Hotel < http://www.redeadm.com.br/paginas.asp?lan=1&inst_id=56 >

Fare: U$ 80,00

The payment of the hotel rates can be made through the Tempo Turismo.

The organization of the event will provide transfer, every day, for the competitors to Marina Park, the spot of the event.

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SeanAUS120 | 12th October 2010 (19:52:04)

Who's coming down?

I just booked my tix; arrive on Sunday night...

Don johnson | 12th October 2010 (21:46:16)

you can battle it out with brazils latin lover nr. 1 BRA50

Anonym | 22nd October 2010 (12:39:48)

No Reports?

ceri | 22nd October 2010 (17:41:18)

live ticker will be starting up soon - racing starts today in the Wind Brasil National FW Championships

Don johnson | 23rd October 2010 (23:28:06)

Brazils latin lover nr.1 BRA50 is back in the game !!!

Anonym | 24th October 2010 (15:25:19)

is out there someone who knows the performance difference between 11,6 rs6 and 11,8 rsr?

Anonym | 24th October 2010 (18:41:55)

with 11 there is another discart?

Anonym | 24th October 2010 (19:58:06)

congratss gabriell !!
you're the best !!

SeanAUS120 | 26th October 2010 (01:05:59)

The RSR is when NP went to the big ultracams, so I think the noticeable difference is the rotation is much better on the RSR (Gabriel still kicks his cams on the RS6). They have relatively similar luff-curve but from memory I think the RSR is a bit shorter and wider overall... NP slowly went to the shorter-fatter style shape they have now with the Evo's ... the performance difference is not that noticeable though. Both are great sails... but hard to find any RS6's these days that haven't completely fallen apart... they are nearly 4 years old.

Anonym | 26th October 2010 (09:03:51)

thanks Sean.
I was told that the rs6 11,6 is fast but not really powerfull for super light wind (there was a 12,5 then) and the 11,8 rsr is more suited for power.
Of course I may be wrong.

Anonym | 26th October 2010 (09:24:13)

And now the EVOIII is back to the same spec as RS5.....

dude | 26th October 2010 (11:42:56)

didnt look fast on the movie

J.0 | 26th October 2010 (17:43:15)

dude, what movie are you talking about? I heard shurman was flying with the new EVOIII.

Anonym | 26th October 2010 (18:34:14)

You don't need the last sails and the last board to win anymore, look what Phil and Biel did.
159 and 160/RS6. The arms race is OVER.

Sonny Crocket | 26th October 2010 (22:39:16)

Where is the LOVE COUPPLE
Gabriel Browne / Sarah Herbert
I hear that Gabriel was crying during the event, missing her like crazy!!!

A.B. | 27th October 2010 (13:47:31)

Hey, what´s happening with the live reports from the Formula Grand Prix, would be good to se what´s going on!

ceri | 27th October 2010 (14:59:27)

racing starts later today

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