7th of October 2010, Sweden, Swedish Open National Championships Formula

Formula 2010 Swedish Championship, Getskär September 18-19

This year's Championship was located in Getskär just south of Gothenburg.
The forecast for the weekend looked promising, a gale just outside the coastal zone would give us good weather. SC is internationally so few sailors from Norway and one from Estonia reinforced the fleet. Once registration was completed, we could count 27 sailors in the formula class and 10 in Bic Techno class that sailed CC, class championship.

A lot of wind and massive rain in the morning. Skippers meeting at 10 and first start 11:00. The plan for the day was six races. Out on the water the AP flag came up when the wind was not completely stable, it had at least stopped raining. At half past eleven the race began but in really bad wind, only a few sailors came away from the starting line. Big Twist & wind holes made sailing difficult and with large reversals in placements during the race. Many spontaneous complaints were heard over the course of the unstable winds and lost places.

The organizers worked hard to races. Two races were abonded before we finally got together four approved race. Many sailors were really frustrated because of the difficult conditions and the questionable twisting wind, but it was still the same sailors in the top race after race. Defending champion Robert Åberg SWE-13 was in the lead after the first day.

Home and shower before the regatta dinner in the clubhouse. After some nice food in your stomach, there were many who were about to fall asleep, it's really tough to sail light wind and pump all day.

Skippers meeting shortly after the 9. The plan for the day was five races. The forecast was a bit weaker than for Saturday but was 12 knots was promised. In the morning the wind was just a slight breeze. AP went up for the formula class and Bic class went out to conduct two races.
The wind began to slowly build up and shortly after eleven the AP flag went down for formula.

The wind direction was more southerly and much better in direction than on Saturday, but still gusty. The course was laid out from the shore for more free wind and extended when the wind had increased steadily.
In the start it was pretty good wind pressure, all sailed with their biggest sails from 11 to 12.5 square meters.
Robert was really hungry and wanted to defend his championship title. He sailed safely and won the first race. Race two and three went directly back-to-back and also those races Robert nailed. The wind had now risen a lot and it was a struggle for many with some of the big sails and fins. The race only takes about 20 minutes for the leader but is incredibly physically demanding. We sail a 8 figurede course with 3 laps with maneuvers all the time, the gusty wind does not allow any casual sailing. You need to stay focused all the time and tune outhaul and search for gusts. The short course also means that there are many sailors in a small area so you have to have control of the situation all the time not to collide. With our wide mast socks, it is easy to miss a sailor in the lee when going downwind in 25 knots. You do not have many seconds to make decisions to pass behind or in front. After three races it was time for a short late lunch break.

Out again for the last two races, just before the race start It is really good pressure now 18-25 knots. Robert and a few flying on 12 respectively. 12.5 sq.m. and wish now that they switched to smaller sails. Most sailing on 10 or 11 sqm. Robert bite down and win both races. A lot of spectacular crashes on the course when the sea has begun to build a little, choppy and short, which did racing really exciting. When rounding the top mark, it was like beeing shot away by a slingshot from 12-15 knots to 25 knots in just a few feet while you met a bunch of upwind sailors at layline.

After nine races completed, we had a crystal clear superb champion which counts only first places. Congratulations to the defending

champion Robert Åberg. SWE-13 (Stockholm)
2nd Per BostrĂśm SWE-92 (Åmål)
3rd Johan Ekstedt SWE-64(Stockholm)

Results are in SVFs website www.vindsurfingforbundet.com

Slideshow by Janne S. http://www.gess.info/bilder/2010/SweTour/

Many thanks to the organizer Gess club and all functionaries.

Daniel Nerhagen