29th of September 2010

FW Greece has a new look website...

The FW Association of Greece (FWA.GR) has just gone on line with a new website, which also coincides with their latest application to the Greek Sailing Federation (EIO) for recognition as a national class association.
The FWA.GR, recognised by the international class, has struggled to get EIO recognition despite being a properly constituted sports organisation.

Dear friends, fellow athletes & sport organizations,

we have the pleasure to announce the operation of our new website which was activated yesterday 27/09/2010 at 22:00. In our effort to bring together everyone that supports the Formula class in Greece we have prepared a full community that will host and inform its visitors for all the events. News, forums, classifieds, photos, videos, races & results, events and all the recent issues concerning the Formula class in Greece, gathered and organized for the visitor.

We invite everyone to register in our forum and participate actively in the development and the empowering of our sport.


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Anonym | 29th September 2010 (21:23:34)

Thanks for the support!!

racer | 30th September 2010 (06:59:56)

try to make an international event next year if you want to support the class :)

fw sailor | 30th September 2010 (18:20:46)

Comment to the post from 30th September 2010 (06:59:56) wrote by racer :
maybe if there was prize money or competitors had jobs...

fra-418 | 30th September 2010 (22:33:26)

This is complicated stuff.

It seems impossible to have an event international without prize money because some of the fleet is professional. On the other hand half the fleet or more is not.
If there is no prize money it doesn't make much difference for them as they will probably not be able to reach it.
may be there should be an amateur international event when there is not a professional one in europe. May be it could be an amateur euro cup or something. Perhaps, it is better to have something than nothing to keep the class dynamics.

Anonym | 30th September 2010 (22:47:26)

Comment to the post from 30th September 2010 (22:33:26) wrote by fra-418 :
may be there should be an amateur international event...

There is already the FW Youth & Masters Euro and World Champhionships, aimed mainly at amateurs, and which seniors can also do.

FRA418 | 1st October 2010 (17:45:17)

Then for the senior fleet it needs a title, otherwise people don't know what they race for. May be I am mistaken but I think there is none at the moment.

ceri | 2nd October 2010 (19:25:50)

We are investigating all options to try and get a championship in 2010.
2011 is looking very good - but it is difficult to find an organiser for 2010

EST | 4th October 2010 (19:24:11)

I hope Polish guys make some big event like Allegro but maybe in some new place not Leba,Zopot?! Championships or eu champion?

BRAZIL | 4th October 2010 (21:02:39)


johannes | 5th October 2010 (19:29:18)

at November in Poland?! mucho frio!!!? but possible...

ceri | 5th October 2010 (20:11:29)

Fortaleza GP is confirmed - NoR is published.

EST | 6th October 2010 (07:54:49)

Yeah much frio but I think it will be much hotter than my place :D I talked about 2011 and future because I remember that Allegro Cup was the best event...I don't mean about wind but it was good too.
Or maybe regattas in Eesti in November?

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