19th of September 2010

Championship update .....

The 2011 world and european championship calendar is close to completion. The following events are confirmed:
Junior, Youth & Masters European Championship from 14th >19th June, organised by Clube Naval de Portimao, Portimao, Portugal;

Junior, Youth, & Master World Championship from 28th August >3rd September, organised by Skive Windsurfing Club, Skive, Denmark.

The European and World Championships are under firm bids, with contracts waiting to be signed; it is hoped to be able to confirm these championships in the very near future.

2010 - is unfortunately a mix of good and bad news. We are 3 weeks away from what promises to be a spectacular Youth and Masters Worlds in Araruama, near Rio Janeiro, Brasil. Check out the event website for info about the location - http://www.rioworlds2010.com.br/

Unfortunately it has not been possible to confirm the Europeans that we were hoping for in Cadiz. Efforts will continue to try and find a solution, but only until the end of september - after which the focus will be on 2011 and beyond !