26th of March 2010, Argentina, FW World Championships

Day five - live report


14:20 | top 10 in race 14 - FRA192, GBR83, AUS0, POL126, ITA4, POL10, BRA3333, POL11, ARG3, fra86

14:05 | Race 14 is underway

14:05 | First finishers in race 13 women- POL111, FRA59, USA3, NED19, PER22

13:14 | top 10 after 13 races - FRA192, BRA3333, POL11, GBR83, NED52, AUS0, POL126, ITA4, FRA531, BRA999

13:15 | top 10 finishers race 13 - AUS0, POL11, BRA3333, ITA4, FRA192, POL126, NED52, GBR83, USA34, , BRA999

12:55 | clear start race 13 for men

12:25 | postponement is down - 20 mins to warning signal for race 13

11:34 | Another sunny day and 2 races planned this afternoon. This will be an important day - for all!

14th of July 2017FORMULA WORLDS 2017 Youth & Masters highlights

1st of July 2017Ennio Dal Pont and Janis Preiss are crowned 2017 Formula Windsurfing World Champions

Ennio Dal Point the local boy here - from The Netherlands - wins the Youth division and Janis Preiss from Latvia the Masters after 5 days of great racing conditions in the Lake of Santa Croce.

19th of June 2017Agenda for 2017 AGM of the IWA Class

Will be held on Thursday 29th June 2017, after racing. Venue and Time: TBC (posted on the ONB), Santa Croce, Italy.

15th of June 2017Wojciech Brzozowski wins the ERGO Hestia European Championships

POL 10 is one step closer to claiming the title after winning in Sopot.

5th of June 2017Vincent Langer becomes Formula Windsurfing World Champion 2017

14 races on five event days is the result of the 2017 Formula Windsurfing World Championships that took place during the Multivan Summer Opening on Sylt.

2nd of June 2017Notice of 2017 AGM in Santa Croce, Italy

The meeting is scheduled for the evening of Thursday 29th June - but it will be confirmed when the Agenda is published on or around 15th June.

2nd of June 2017An Interview with Steve Allen

Steve Allen (AUS-0) who has been one of the worldwide top windsurfers for over 20 years.

24th of May 2017AICW withdrew the number of ITA 872

Roberto Boschetti "Bosco" died 16th September 2015 during a short ride in MTB.

24th of May 20172017 Youth & Masters World Championships remainder

A reminder to all Formula racers regarding the 2017 Youth & Masters World Championships.

24th of May 2017ERGO Hestia Championships - press conference

ERGO Hestia Championships is the first in a series of three events of the Formula Windsurfing European Championships.