23rd of March 2010, Argentina, FW World Championships

Day 2 - 4 good races and a new leader ...

A near perfect score today - 3 first and 1 second- propelled Antoine Albeau (FRA192) to the top of the score board.
Clear skies over the lake this morning was a good sign that steady and reliable thermic winds would follow after midday.
Overnight leader Steve Allen (AUS0) will not be so happy , athough he was never out of the top 10 in todays races.
Most happy tonight will be: Ross Williams (GBR83) with yet another consistant day that moves him to 2nd overall; Pawel Hlavaty (POL11) who won the first race today and had good top ten placings in the following races; Paulo Dos Reis (BRA3333) again all but one of his finishes in the TT.
However, any one of the chasing pack is capable of mounting a challenge for a podium position - it is still all to play for!
In the womens fleet Marta Hlavaty (POL111) strenghtened her grip on the title, but full credit to all the girls for finishing every race.

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Anonym | 24th March 2010 (00:32:29)


Anonym | 24th March 2010 (01:58:40)

whats the time zone in argentina??

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (04:48:21)


anonym | 24th March 2010 (10:31:26)

The best is too speed... He havn't any photo ?????

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (13:31:02)


Anonym | 24th March 2010 (13:32:58)

Argentina's time zone is GMT minus 3...or you could say US Eastern Time plus 1

Anonym | 24th March 2010 (13:37:34)

Actually if you take this website's clock as a reference, substract 4 hours.
For example FW.org site 13:00 hs. > ARG 9:00 hs.

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