20th of October 2009, Brazil, Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2009

Ceri reports..

13:22 | hi from sao paulo. I arrived earlier this morning, but i am still at the airport as i waited for Gonzalo to arrive from Buenos Aries. Not so bad really - considering the traumatic events leading up to my flight from London Heathrow last night. I got a lift to the airport as i was carrying Ross kit to SP.
After 15 km on the motorway - the van broke down. 3 hours later, & £250 poorer, we arrived at the airport. Somehow the van got to departures before breaking down for 2nd time - some new problem ! While i joined the queue at Check In, my driver was being interrogated by the police - armed anti terrorist officers arrived to deal with a suspicious van parked illegally! Before a thorough search and check over my vehicle including looking for other offences ( tyres etc ) could occur - another , bigger van distracted their attention. A minibus carrying 17 asian travellers made the same mistake as us in coming up to the next level to disembark; and got stuck in the one way traffic where the only way out was with a police escort.
The vehicle recovery service towed my unlucky driver all the way home (which included a ferry crossing) some 6 hours later he was in bed at 03.00.
I barely fared much better - having never flown from T4 before - little was i prepared for the particular difficulties of getting fw kit through customs and securerity here.
I was last to board the plane - as i took my seat i saw the equipment being carried across the tarmac to the plane . 5 minutes later we were taxi-ing to the runway.
Great fun this international travel - full marks to TAM - Brasilian Airways - staff for making sure the kit was on the plane . It would not have happened that way in some countries !