19th of October 2009, Brazil, Sao Paulo Grand Prix 2009

Wind Brasil 2009 starts this week on Ilhabela, Sao Paulo State...

Wind Brasil 2009 starts this week on Ilhabela, Sao Paulo State...

The Sao Paulo Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix this week heralds the start of Wind Brasil 2009. The penultimate leg of the 2009 formula world tour will be take place on the waters off Ilhabela - or "Beautiful Island".
Within easy reach of Sao Paulo, the islands economy is based on tourism, development is restricted, and is a renowned sailing destination.
The winds can range from the traditional warm easterly, to the strong southerly that comes with the cold front. Wind range can be anything from 10 to 35 knots depending on the day. During the weekend, the island gets a lot of people from Sao Paulo city, who have weekend houses at the island or just come and stay at the many Pousadas (hotel/guesthouse) that the island has to offer.
Top ranked brasilian racer, Wilhelm Schurmann, will be hoping to finish one place better than his last visit to Ilhabela, for the 2005 Nationals, when he finished a very close second to Paulo Dos Reis. However, Brasil has a wealth of talented formula sailors including Gabriel Browne, Fabio and Victor Melo, Leonardo Rebello and Matthias Pinheiro ... to name but a few!
There will be added pressure on the local stars - as the Grand Prix status of this years event attracts the worlds top ranked racers.
This years line up includes - Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (Agentina), Alberto Menagatti (Italy), Ross Williams (United Kingdom), Jesper Vesterstrom (Denmark), Arnon Dagan (Israel).

The racing starts on wednesday 21st through to sunday 25th. You can follow all the action as it happens on the "live ticker " via -
where you will also find daily reports, results and photo gallery.

Wind Brasil 2009 - organised by Arrow Marketing, in co-opreration with Associacao Brasileira de Windsurf (ABWS) and Confederacao Brasileira de Vela e Motor (CBVM).

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wilhelm schurmann BRA999 | 19th October 2009 (03:35:55)

Today we had 12 to 20 knots of wind here in Ilha Bela. Fabio Melo, Paulo Dos Reis, Mateus Issac, Carlos Alberto Issac (angel) and myself, hit the water around 1pm for a good 3 hours training session.
Arriving tonight is Mathias, Gabriel Browne, Menegatti, Jesper and Victor Melo. The Island will be packed next weekend, since three big weddings will be taking place on the island, hotels and pousadas are mostly full for the next weekend.

Jesper Vesterstrom DEN-111 | 20th October 2009 (23:38:17)

Today we finally had some wind in Beatiful Ilha Bela ...
As we woke up and had breakfast in "Casa del Sherminator" the palmtress where moving and we rushed to the beach. We were met with 20 knots and sunshine and the weather was just perfect for some racing. The view from outside the water looking up the mountains are quite amazing and it all ads to the experience of sailing here. There are a few people here already, andthe top will be hard , as always.
1 girl arrived today, from France - and Team Brazil where excited, they lost focus and where standing on the beach "gossiping" a long, before they once more could return to the water and focus on their training

Tomorrow we start racing at 11 and the weather looks like it will be windy....

Jesper Vesterstrom DEN-111 | 22nd October 2009 (00:36:40)

Another nice day here in Brazil, unfortunaly not enough wind...
We were called on the water around 3pm and as we came out the wind was light and we where on hold for a while. The race crew tried one start but the wind was to light. After 1/2 hour we got a clean start, but the wind was at it´s minimum most of the race. It took me around 15 min to reach the 1st. windward mark and just after they cancelled the race. There are a lot of fast guys and 1 very fast girl. At one point she was passing Brasilian super star ,Gabriel Browne, who was struggeling to get going...Also Italien superstar, Menegas, was fighting hard to get going in the light conditions.Master sailor Matthias Pinheiro was up there showing he is fit and ready for the event...

Jack Custard | 22nd October 2009 (00:54:59)

Sarah Hebert was passing Gabriel Browne??? Was he retired??

Gabriel Browne BRA 50 | 22nd October 2009 (00:55:46)

HA.HA.HA.HA.HA.HA.HA.HA.HA...So funny !!!!

Jack Custard | 22nd October 2009 (00:57:51)

Did Sarah passed Gabriel or not?? We want to know the facts. Come on guys tell us.

Don Johnson | 22nd October 2009 (01:09:16)

Maybe he let her pass just to be a nice guy and score some points......if you know what i mean.

Jack Custard | 22nd October 2009 (01:10:25)

Are they a coupple??

Bunny Joe | 22nd October 2009 (01:17:13)

Hey,, like all brazilians, i dont believe that he will let a blond girl pass by without at least stroking her hair.. hahaha

Lee Torsten | 22nd October 2009 (01:22:42)

Is Gabriel and Sarah having sex??? I thought all Brazilians where into LadyBoy...

Anonym | 22nd October 2009 (12:15:37)

Gringos are so funny, they all have a bad image about brazilian guys even if they never came here or don't know a brazilian man or girl.
Get a life, go sailing.

Anonym | 22nd October 2009 (17:39:09)

what are the conditions wave, wind, sun?

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