7th of August 2009, Poland, 2009 Sopot Formula Windsurfing European Championships

Day four Ceri reports

17:35 | tonight the club are hosting a grill - and we will post some pictures of sailor activities whilst waiting the the beach today.

17:30 | AP over A . The wind has started to go down again. Throughout the day it slowly grew - but never peaked at enough to call the sailors on to the water.
The schedule is same for tomorrow. 10.00 for skippers meeting; 11.00 first warning signal.

15:55 | latest report from the water is more encouraging. It seems the wind is more 7 knots than 6 knots .

15:45 | still no change. the race committee are still monitoring conditions on the water.

13:31 | still no change - everyone is relaxing on the beach

12:30 | no change - we are on postponement

11:38 | spot the deliberate mistake ? the time is 11.38

10:35 | the wind has still not come - we have 5 knots in the racing area. The race committee are monitoring wind speed and direction every 10 minutes

09:12 | Good morning. Sunny and light wind - with not an encouraging forecast.But ... things can always change- 2 knots above forecast and we are racing!
Course of day will be published soon - skippers meeting at 10.00