6th of August 2009, Poland, 2009 Sopot Formula Windsurfing European Championships

Day three Ceri reports

18:30 | No protest today - Gold fleet results will be unchanged. Skippers meeting tomorrow at 10.00 with first possible at 11.00

18:05 | Top ten overall in Gold after 9 races - on a tie break for 1st - AUS0 from POL126; ISR1, GBR83, DEN111, NED13, ITA4, EST202, POL10, POL11

17:49 | Top 10 from gold fleet race 9- AUS0, POL126, ITA4, ISR1, DEN111, EST202, GBR83, NED13, POL013, BRA50

17:45 | AP over A. The wind has dropped. only one race for Gold today. Come back later for resultsc and photos

17:28 | at the finish - AUS0, POL126, ITA4, ISR1, DEN111

17:20 | at mark 1 for second time in race 9 - AUS0, ITA4, POL126, EST202, DEN111

17:12 | the info about first windward was incorrect - AUS0, ITA4, EST202, DEN111, POL013

17:12 | Gold have started race 9 - 2 ocs ARG3 & BRA2497.
the wind is 8/9 knots and at the first windward it is POL126 from ITA4

17:00 | AP down for blue

16:50 | AP will come down for blue at 17.00

16:45 | Gold fleet have gone to the starting area- the wind is now 9/10 knots. Women are finished for today.

15:45 | Still only 7 knots on the water; girls are waiting in the starting area and men are on the beach

15:01 | AP down for women - wind is now 8 knots , we hope it will continue to increase

12:40 | no change here in sopot- hot and sunny , but little or no wind .

11:30 | the wind is still down - we are waiting on the beach. Much discussion about fins andnew boards for 2010 /11

10:45 | women postponed -the wind has dropped. No sailor had left the beach and now we wait.
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10:34 | Mens fleet are postponed - women will have first warning signal at 11.00. wind is 8 knots - and we hope building !

10:02 | good morning to day 3 -and the start of racing for men in gold and silver. The wind is already 8/9 knots and another promising forecast. 3 races is the planned schedule. First possible warning signal at 11.00