2nd of August 2009, Poland, Allegro Cup - Grand Prix 2009

Day four Ceri reports

17.20 | closing ceremony and prize giving on the main stage tonight at 20.30.
followed by party and live group; more photos and video to come

15;40 | AP over A - no more racing . the event is finished. Congratulations to Steve Allen and Marta Hlavaty

14:55 | all the sailors are back on the beach - last possible start at 16.00

14:29 | womens start has been postponed- wind has dropped to 6knots

14:10 | AP down for gold and silver - wind 8/9 knots

14:05 | AP down for women - wind is 7/8 knots .

12:58 | the race committee have been waiting on the bech for conditions to improve . The wind has changed direction earlier than forecast, and this is a hopeful sign. The race committee have now gone to the water . Wind is 5/6 knots - next announcement at 13.30

11:20 | the wind is 3/4 knots - with little sign of improving very soon. Tense moments for many sailors with very little seperating the top 5 - one race can make a big difference. Th next group of sailors need 3 races today and a third discard to have any hope of a podium position

10:05 | good morning - and welcome to day 4, the last day of 2009 Allegro Cup. Skippers meeting has just finished, the first possible start is 11.00...but the wind is light at the moment , if it does not improve we will be postponing. A huge crowd witnessed a fantastic concert on the main stage last night. The public are always enthusiastic about this event - which marks it as the stand out event of the year.