19th of March 2009, Argentina, 2009 South American Championships

2009 South American Championship.........

Willhelm Schurmann,
From the 20th >24th of March the Souh American Championship will be hosted by the Asociacion Mendocina de Windsurf (AMW) on Potrerillos Lake , near Mendoza, Argentina.
The recently created lake, formed by the damming of the River Mendoza, is surrounded by hills and lies below the stunning backdrop of the Andes mountain range.
The geography and climatic conditions converge to produce a perfect arena for racing; with a constant and reliable thermic wind that blows everyday between 11.00 and 16.00 hrs.! You can expect a steady breeze of between 10 to 20 knots - with no sudden surprises.
The vastnass of the country has conspired to make the organisation of events very difficult and expensive; the capital Buenos Aries is over 1000km away However there is a lot of interest in racing and the development of facilities such those on Potrerillos Lake , which has the support of the Economic Ministry, guarantees a bright future for racing in this region of South America. The lake lies on a main highway between Argentina and Chile - Santiago is only 400 km away !

Our roving reporter, Willhelm Schurmann, will be forwarding his daily reports:-
"South American Championship will be starting on Saturday here in Mendoza, Already here is Gonzalo, Mathias Pinheiro and myself, many others arriving during the week. The event will take place at the beautiful lake Potrerillos, about 40 min from Mendoza. They will also host the 2010 formula Worlds.
I will try to send news everyday."


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Anonym | 20th March 2009 (10:27:29)

Any pics?

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