Steve Bodner report from Miami

With the winter chill nipping at most of the American and European continents, the 2009 Formula Windsurfing North American Championship provided a needed break from the sailors searching for the endless summer. Hosted by the Shake a Leg Sailing Center in Miami, Florida, 50+ windsurfers in the Formula and Kona fleets joined the 2.4m, skudd, keelboat and BIc Open fleets at the 3rd annual Alex Caviglia Bluewater Classic Regatta. 3 days of racing were fought on the water with Brazilian Wilhelm 'the Sherminator' Schurmann taking the open title, followed closely by 2008 vice World Champion Gonzolo Costel Hovel from Argentina and Jimmi Diaz from the US Virgin Islands taking the North America Championship title.

Conditions ranged from 10-15 knot offshore oscillating winds, making the first day a tactical affair, to survival conditions in the last race with gusts in the upper 20's and most of the fleet on the light air 11-12 meter rigs. Complete regatta coverage and results can be found on the Formula windsurfing class website at www.formulawindsurfing.org in addition to a race report and photos at www.stevebodner.blogspot.com

Steve Bodner

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Kostas | 20th January 2009 (20:02:51)

Equipment list please?

Anonym | 20th January 2009 (20:09:12)

Equipment was not registered, it was an honor system

Kostas | 20th January 2009 (20:33:40)

I was just curious to see competitors boards used...

Anonym | 20th January 2009 (22:57:50)

This is probably pretty close...

Wilhelm *160. NP, Kashy
Gonza - BM, MS, Kashy
Diaz 162, North, Kashy
Kern, ML, NP, Kashy
Bodner, Gastraa, North, Kashy
Sylvester, ML, North, Kashy
Martinz, F2, North, ??
Kashy, 162, NP, Kashy
Morales, 162, KA, IFJU
Owen, F2, North, Kashy

Anonym | 21st January 2009 (16:23:55)

Martinz, F2 Z, North, Finworks

Owen, F2 6, North, Ifju

Ron Kern | 21st January 2009 (20:27:02)

I was on Mike's Lab L8, NP RS:Racing 11.8m on Saturday, RS:Racing 10.7m on Monday, Peter Ifju I70MWXSC on both days.

Kostas | 22nd January 2009 (13:44:57)

Thanks for the info. It's interesting to notice that more and more competitors are moving towards Kashy fins... So, R19/R20 Deboichet fins do not work efficiently for these new wide style boards?

Anomym | 22nd January 2009 (21:19:23)

Owen was on the Ifjiu fins

Anonym | 23rd January 2009 (11:36:22)

True, Owen loaned Diaz his Kashy fins

Anonym | 24th January 2009 (11:41:24)

That was such a poorly run race by the race director, it is a shame that it was allowed to be scored as the North American Championships. The scoring was incorrect, and the final results are not correct for most of the fleet except the top 10.

any | 26th January 2009 (13:49:30)

South Americans in Mendoza. It's worth the trip.

Anomym | 29th January 2009 (22:17:14)

Ron Kern asked for a redress that it was not correct because some people arrived late to the first start- why they were not ready???????????

They gave it to him for himself and another 6 persons on his protest? IT WAS NOT CORRECT TO DO THAT!!!

Anomym | 29th January 2009 (22:17:51)


Anonym | 30th January 2009 (19:49:18)

or in some case, in the room!

Anonym | 30th January 2009 (21:45:17)

try launching from that spot in 6-9 knot winds with 15 other windsurfers and sailboats in front of you and see if you make it on time. The director of the place informed all sailor who were trying to launch that the race was being postponed until they could make it to the starting area. this is why the request for redress was granted to the 4 sailors who applied plus about 6 other sailors who were also affected.........

Anonym | 2nd February 2009 (11:56:27)

Michel Desjoyaux said yesterday that in a vendee globe 80% of the race take place before the start.
I suspect it is the same in many sports.

Anonym | 3rd February 2009 (06:23:29)

when is fwod going to start all was that all just crap to improve starboard egos

Anonym | 3rd February 2009 (06:25:53)

that how much a joke this class is the fwod was all shit

Anonym | 3rd February 2009 (11:13:07)

It is not the same anonyme putting those comments. I like starboard formulas. I have two starboards in my southampton bedroom which is also the dinning room, the living room, the drying space for cloths and sails, the tv room, the deskroom, and the garage. As it is only 25 m2 it gets busy. Math anonyme (better not writte on this forums anymore and do some work)

Anonym | 3rd February 2009 (23:04:13)

Why is Mid -Winters a non ranking event. Large turn out of both pros and amautuers, it should be at least level 0.5...

Anonym | 4th February 2009 (02:17:59)

sorroy english is my second language are you a english teacher you stuck up wanker go pull ur self over starboard wanker

Anonym | 4th February 2009 (02:46:30)

US gets 2 ranking events per year.
In 2009, it will be the North Americans (Miami, Jan 09) and the US Nationals @ the Gorge, July 23-26.
Go get those points!

ceri | 4th February 2009 (10:26:24)

Hi, actually USA gets one ; unless it hosts the North Americans (then 2 )

Anonym | 4th February 2009 (11:04:39)

I am always surprised how I can sometimes generate hatred without obvious reason. Peace and love. Math anonyme the last post.

Anonym | 5th February 2009 (05:54:20)


nioniosmey | 24th February 2009 (09:36:10)

What about the new neil pryde masts 530 x9.Any information?Are they brake so easily like last year?Has anyone try the new rsr 10.7 or 12 sail?

Anonym | 26th February 2009 (21:52:50)


Anonym | 26th February 2009 (21:54:14)

yeh, the new NP masts have a new extended guarantee of 24 hours. Make sure you have an accurate timer in your hand when you sail with them and inform a rescue board in advance.

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