Gonz reports on Day 3 (final)...

01:34 | Final Day

Race 1
The wind was still light between 8 to 12 knots. Same course, still massive legs.
We all started port and made a couple of tacks to get to the upwind mark. The fight for the title was on between Gonzalo and Wilhelm, Jimmy followed a bit behind with Fernando close to him.
After the first downwind Gonzalo extended the lead and positions stayed the same till the finish. ARG3, BRA999, ISV11…
Race 2
The wind increased significantly up to 20 knots at least. At the start ARG3 decided to take a port start and cross in front of everybody.
First upwind ARG3 had a good lead on BRA999 and ISV11 who had chosen the left side of the bay. On the second lap positions stayed the same but a little spread around. The wind continued to increase to 25 knots and it became very challenging for the guys on 12s…(Jimmy, Gonzalo, Steve).
ARG3 dropped his sail on one of the very last jybes and it was BRA999 who got right next to him at the gate rounding.
BRA999 took the advantage of the right side of the course gust and ARG3 seemed to be on a low on the left side. BRA999 won by a board length on ARG3. ISV11 finished third.

Race 3
The wind increased again and it was gusting to 28 knots. The race committee didn’t send us to the beach to change so a lot of racers on their 12s had to abandon the race. ARG3 took the chance and manage to get his 10. BRA999 still on his 10.7 and ISV11 still on his new 12..
ARG3 rounded on the top of the pack both up winds, but it was BRA999 control on the down winds (on the chicken strap and 160 starboard) who took the last race of the event. ARG3 got 2nd and ISV11 manage to complete on his 12.
Congratulations to Wilhelm BRA999 for his win!!!
I am very happy on my first event with my new Maui Sails. After only two days of using them I manage to win a couple of races and to round first on every race at the first mark. I am stoke and looking forward to get tune on them!
Best regards, Gonzalo ARG3 (Maui Sails-Exocet)

21:31 | 3 races in building breeze.
Gusts up to 25k+ in last race with most on 11 - 12 m rigs. Chaos on the water! Sherman wins 2 out of 3 and takes the overall. Gonzo
takes 2nd, Diaz in 3rd and retains NAmerican title, Bodner in 4th and Kern in 5th. Results pending protest by several sailors.
A good chance to test the new equipment...report to follow.

03:31 | 7:10 AM, SW winds, not too strong at the moment, but raceable. Off to the beach now. Skippers is at 8:30. Last possible start was moved to 14:30..

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Kostas | 20th January 2009 (19:57:00)

12s on 25 knots... how does this feel?!

Anonym | 21st January 2009 (16:28:31)

uncomfortable and unsafe....
The race director made the wrong call on sending the fleet in to change rigs. If formula windsurfing is to work properly, the organizers need to realize how the class performs best- giving sailors the opportunity to use multiple rigs.

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