Gonz reports on pre race day ...."

01:53 | Day -1 Last day of training. Most of the US big names are here. Some more to arrive tomorrow morning i heard. Today the wind was stronger than the last few days. Most of us went out on 10s and some 11s. The water is pretty smooth as the wind was offshore. We sailed out from Key Biscayne. Tomorrow we go to Coconut Grove where the event will take place but is actually the same bay where we sailed the last few days. Jimmy Diaz on his new Norths was going pretty good, Steve Bodner on Maui Sails was going good too. Other local guys as Ron Kern and Fernando Martinez seemed to be going very quick on the light air...and Steve Bodner from San Francisco Bay on the stronger winds. Wilhelm Schurman didnt show up yet, but he will be the man to beat i reckon. I am sailing with the new Maui Sails TR5 and luckily i manage to try all three of them 12, 11 and 10. From what happened all this days it prevailed that i had more angle than the rest and similar speed, we start tomorrow and the wind will be around 10-15 kts.. BR, Gonzalo

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Anonym | 17th January 2009 (23:28:06)

Gonzo has a new sponsor? Maui sails?

Anonym | 20th January 2009 (01:37:21)

Gonzalo was flying on the TR5s. He was leading all races with huge lead, shame he fall so many times..I think he loved the 12, thats what i heard.

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