10th of January 2009, Peru, World Festival 2008 - FE & FW Junior ,Youth & Masters World Championship

UKWA rider is 2008 Masters Formula World Champion

Dr Xavier Ferlet (GBR451)
Day 5
After four days of waiting for the wind, the organisers made the decision to move to a new location for day 5 (Fri 2 Jan).
It was a very brave decision that paid off. El Paraiso, 60 miles North of Ancon was indeed windy.
After a 6.30am start from home base at Ancon, competitors were met by an offshore 16 knot wind with flat water in the middle of the desert.
We did four races at El Paraiso.
I found it difficult to get used to the shifty conditions at first and finished the first two races 5th and 2nd overall and 2nd Master in both.
Riszard Pikul from Poland already beat me two years ago in Belgium also for the Youth and Masters.
It seemed he had retained his advantage.

In the third race, I finished about 5th overall but made sure I covered Riszard so I got 1st place in the Masters.
In the fourth race, I finally found speed in stronger winds and led the whole fleet by a good margin.
In the last downwind, I just left one of the Youths slip past by playing safe.

Richard Jones posted 8th, 8th, 9th, 9th in the Youths with a slighly unfortunate change up to 10.7 in the last race as the wind picked up.

Ian Jones got a respectable 7th and 10th in the Masters but afterwards, he decided the wind was too shifty and the sun a bit too strong.
He went for the photographer's option on the shore.

Day 6
After validating the championship with 4 races at el Paraiso, it was decided to stay at the original location of Ancon for the final day (day 6).
The decision paid off as the wind picked up to a steady 15 knots.
Steadier wind was more to my liking and I won all 4 races on the final day not only in the Masters but also ahead of the Youths & Seniors.
That was particularly rewarding after finishing 5th two years ago in Belgium and 2nd last year in Estonia.
Richard Jones was consistent with 10th, 9th, 10th & 11th in the Youths.
Ian Jones had a problem with his cam and didn't finish on the last day.

Final results
Xavier Ferlet - 1st Master (2008 Masters Formula Windsurfing World Champion)
Richard Jones - 9th Youth
Ian Jones - 3rd Grand Master

2 UKWA rider on the podium - pretty good!

The organisation was amazing and the Peruvians went out of their way to make the event outstanding.
The facilities of the Ancon Yacht Club were amongst the best in the world with excellent food, water to rinse the equipment, kit tent and concrete area to de-rig.
Finally, I'd like to thank my sponsors, Starboard, Boardwise and Neil Pryde UK for their support.

See you on the UK circuit and at Cadiz in July for the 2009 Youth & Masters!

Dr Xavier Ferlet (GBR451)