31st of December 2008, Peru, World Festival 2008 - FE & FW Junior ,Youth & Masters World Championship

Day 3 ...

23:43 | ... and a very happy new year to formula racers everywhere.

23:38 | Unfortunately, no racing today. After being called out to race the wind failed to get stronger and in fact began to decrease. Eventually the race officer decided to call an end to racing and sent the sailors to the beach. Tomorrow was scheduled to be a rest day - with a big party night ahead !
Now the schedule of racing has been changed and the first possible start for racing will be 14.00

22:27 | the wind is now around 7 knots and the racers have been called to the starting area.

20:05 | the wind is still hovering around the 5/6 knots... we are still on hold. The Race Officer, Oscar Martinez from Chile, has published an amended course diagram .. the start and finish lines are closer to gether to enasble a faster back to back sequence

17:22 | we are on hold - the wind has yet to settle in the normal direction for the conditions that are forecast. But all competotors and the race committee are raring to go!

16:02 | hi,
today the forecast is good and already the wind is building. The first posible start is 11.00 am local time. There will be two fleets ; that is , two starts.
Fleet 1 is FE Juniors and all women; Fleet 2 is all men -FWand FE including youth and masters.