28th of November 2008, Brazil, Fortaleaza/Brazil GP

Daily report...

18:33 | No more racing today - come back later for daily summary, and photos. Full results are on line now on the event website - www.windbrasil.com

18:35 | after 10 races the top 6 are - ARG3, BRA50, GBR83 on tie break from BRA3333, BRA999 on tie break from BRA74 !

18:26 | at the finish - ARG3, BRA74, BRA999, and some way behind GBR83, BRA50, BRA3333,

18:24 | at the upwind for last time - ARG3, BRA74, BRA999,

18:22 | at the gate - ARG 3, BRA999, GBR83, BRA74 - fabio came too close inshore and into light wind !

18:18 | last upwind leg , through the gate and round the upwind mark to reach to the finish .

18:20 | at the downwind mark-same positions with BRA50 in 5th place

18:19 | going downwind for the last time today - BRA74, ARG3, BRA999, GBR83

18:going |

18:15 | at the upwind mark for second time - ARG3, BRA74, with good lead over 3rd placed GBR83, BRA999,BRA50

18:13 | at the gate going upwind -ARG3, BRA74, GBR83

18:12 | at the first downwind- coming inside seems to have paid off BRA74,ARG3, GBR83, BRA999, POL15

18:09 | at the first windward- BRA74,ARG3,POL25,GBR83,

18:05 | clear start

18:00 | warning signal race 10

17:55 | 5 mins to warning signal for last race of today - ne

17:26 | race to the finish line - ARG3, POL11, GBR83,BRA999, BRA50, BRA2497

17:24 | ARG3 first ! - POL11 ,GBR83,

17:21 | on the last upwind - GBR83 , BRA999, POL11 -and battle between ARG3 and BRA50

17:19 | it looks as if the inside route is favoured -at the downwind for second time -GBR83, POL11, BRA999, ARG3

17:17 | after a terrible start BRA50 now up to 5th place

17:16 | at the windward for second time - POL11, GBR83, BRA999, ARG3,

17:12 | at first downwind- ARG3 and GBR83v in lead

17:09 | at the first windward- BRA74, GBR83, POL11

17:05 | clear start

17:00 | warning signal race 9

16:55 | 5 mins to warning signal race 9; only one change in top 5 after 8 races- GBR moves to 4th ahead of BRA999

16:24 | an 18 minute race for the winner - light wind coming into the finish line

16:25 | at the finish GBR83, BRA999, ARG3, BRA50, POL11

16:23 | at the last upwind -GBR83; BRA999 well ahead of ARG3 and BRA50

16:20 | GBR83, BRA999, ARG3, BRA50, POL11 (missed pawel earlier) ITA415

16:18 | at the second downwind- GBR83, 10 secs clear of BRA999, twenty secs clear of ARG3

16:15 | at the second upwind- BRA999, GBR83, ARG3 (with two tacks and losing ground) BRA50

16:12 |

16:12 | Top 4 are very close - but clear ahead of the rest of the fleet

16:10 | Wind is gusty -at the first downwind: BRA999;GBR83, ARG3,POL25, ITA415, BRA50

16:09 | BRA3333 also OCS

16:08 | at first windward- ARG3, POL25 but he is OCS; GBR 83;

16:05 | clear start - BRA50 and BRA3333 blocked at the start

15.00 | Warning signal for Race 8 - everyone is out on bigger sails today.

13:52 | welcome to day 3 of the brazilian Grand Prix. Lighter winds are forecast for today - but still enough for the 3 races scheduled , with race one warning signal at 12.00. Course of the day

19th of October 2020Formula Foil European championships postponed

9th of October 2020A view from the chair

A few words from Francesco Zarbo.

28th of August 2020Champions Decided at Biggest Ever Formula Foil World Championships

29 women and 133 men representing 4 continents have been battling for honours at the Venora Engadinwind by Dakine 2020, hosted at the spectacular venue Lake Silvaplana.

5th of July 2020Formula Foil World Championships - schedule change

The Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine now also includes the iQFOiL European Championships.

22nd of June 20202020 Engadinwind Festival programme update

The schedule for this championship now runs from 17th to 22nd August.

12th of May 2020Cancelation notice - 2020 Youth and Masters World Championships

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic the Polish Windsurfing Association (PSW) in agreement with the International Formula Windsurfing Class Association (IFWC) have been forced to cancel the 2020 Youth and Masters World Championships.

16th of March 2020Formula Foil South Americans a success

43 racers signed up for the first Formula Foil South American Championships hosted by the Asociacion Argentina de Windsurf on Lake Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina.

19th of December 2019FW Committee policy for 2020 – titles

The following world titles will be awarded at class championships in 2020 : Mens, Womens, Youth and Masters Formula Foil World Champion

8th of December 2019Vanora ENGADINWIND by Dakine will host the Formula Foil World Championship in 2020

From August 19th to 23rd wonderful valley of the Engadine, lake Silvaplana will be the place to be.

13th of November 2019iFoil - The Olympics 2024 and beyond

Starboard iFoil has been selected as the 2024 Olympic Equipment, replacing the RS:X equipment after the 2020 Olympic Games.