23rd of November 2008, Brazil, Brazil FW Championships

Daily report

21:36 | also visit the event website for photo gallery and video clips of each day. The film crew have been using imaginatrive methods to film the racing on the water by suspending a camera from a kite .
Lots more to follow over the next 6 days as the action moves to the final of the 2008 Grand Prix World Tour.

21:30 | 4 races were completed this afternoon- emerging victorious, as both 1st youth and 1st overall, was Gabriel Browne (BRA50); in 2nd place Paulo Dos Reis (BRA3333) and 3rd Willhelm Schurmann (BRA999).
Full results will be posted soon on the event website: www.windbrasil.com

18:49 | After 2 days, and 6 races, Gonzalo Costs Hoevel (ARG3) is leading by one point from Gabriel Browne (BRA50); with BRA3333,BRA2497, BRA999, and BRA74 in the chasing pack. But... gonzalo has decided to rest today -saving his energy for the Grand Prix. This event is a \\"must win for him\\" - if he is to win the series!
Four races have been scheduled for today-which will not be a problem for Fortaleza,....yes , another windy day here in the capital of south american formula racing.

18:44 | Hi, and welcome to the coverage of the 2008 Wind Brasil. The competitors in the Brazilian Open have already completed 2 days of racing - and are well underway with the third and final day. This event will be followed by the Brazilan Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix , the final event in this, the inaugural year of, the Grand Prix World Tour.