15th of September 2008, Portugal, 2008 Formula Windsurfing Worlds

What a come back…

by Katarina Morton
Wojtek Brzozowski won the title of Formula Windsurfing World Champion!
– I came back – he comments with energetic smile on his face. Winning Portimao’s competitions was for him big challenge. He has been seriously injured what forced him to break windsurfing for two years. He wanted come back in a big style. And he did – I am very, very glad – says Wojtek – I came here to win. That was my plan. Of course right now I have a lot of satisfaction and happiness. Well… you can do everything what ever you want if you really believe in it - World’s Championship in Portimao is a success for whole polish team. Wojtek’s energy gives all polish competitors a kick. Marta Hlavaty is the Women World Champion. Michal Polanowski with bronze medal is also on the podium. Pawel Hlavaty also with good result is on the 5th place. – I am happy for my success as well as for Marta’s, Michal’s and Pawel’s – adds Wojtek. What a come back…

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Bart | 16th September 2008 (03:48:37)

Wojtek, welcome back!!!! job well done by polish team!!!

Anonym | 16th September 2008 (08:14:23)

i want see wojtek vs steve vs antoine....!

jason | 16th September 2008 (09:00:16)

Congratulations shurman

jason | 16th September 2008 (09:00:50)

Congratulations shurman

hahahah`` | 16th September 2008 (09:26:56)

where was Anoine?

4mi | 16th September 2008 (19:45:20)

Congrats schurminator!

Anonym | 17th September 2008 (13:06:25)

antoine hated the new starboard so did not bother no one was on that dog

Anonym | 17th September 2008 (13:24:41)

antoine would have won with a 162 with one arm and one leg

Kent | 17th September 2008 (13:27:56)

Where is the light weight and masters results?

Anonym | 17th September 2008 (14:15:19)


rudy | 17th September 2008 (15:49:54)

bravo Gonzalo!!! rudy gardalake Italy

Anonym | 17th September 2008 (18:08:08)

antoine would have won?? the last formula event he did was the midwinters..and he had to use both arms and legs to manage to finih third behind jesper and gonzalo...so would he had win in portugal? i dont thinks so...

Anonym | 17th September 2008 (22:37:43)

it was windy in portimao, so for sure he would have won.

Anonym | 17th September 2008 (23:09:30)

Last year in Fortaleza he claimed that before the Worlds, he had only sailed in Formula in Maui for one hour!! In the Midwinters there were very light conditions, but I am sure that no one could have followed him in Portimao with strong wind.

Anonym | 19th September 2008 (11:24:08)

antoine would have won easily broza was fast but didnt race that amazing there was no competition only gonza who weighs 80 steve would have lost as NeilPryde are the only sails working and year after year robert makes the best sails out there broza was shit results when on those rags called severne.

Anonym | 19th September 2008 (22:33:17)

Put Starboard with the best boards and Neilpryde with the best rigs together and you will have a fantastic new olympic class!
Svein and Neil work together...

Anonym | 23rd September 2008 (19:01:53)

too late

ceri | 23rd September 2008 (19:36:15)

NP were contacted about supplying rigs for the FOD project . NP declined the invitation, considering that they already had the best option for 2012 -the RSX

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