11th of September 2008, Portugal, 2008 Formula Windsurfing Worlds

Day 3 - Allison report

Overpower has definitely risen to all expectations this World Championship regatta in Portimao, once again providing a great venue with excellent organisation as usual.

With wind arriving every day around 2pm the first two days of this competition have been nothing short of spectacular. This years women’s fleet is hotly contested by Marta Havalty the current European Champion, Sarah Herbet, Olga Maslivits, myself and many others from 10 different countries.

Racing has been very close with Marta winning races 1 and 2 on the first day with Olga, and I fighting it out for 2nd and 3rd. The wind for the first day was between 10-13knots gusty and shifty, which made for a few position changes on both upwind and downwind legs. Race one I was 6th to the top mark, but managed to climb my way back to 2nd rounding on the inside at the last mark.

Day two everyone was prepared for a long day, arriving at 10am in the morning to prepare, the wind hit hard at 2:30pm. Because the women went first on day one, it was the men’s turn. They had two races before the women were sent around 4pm. Race three was a tussle the whole way, Marta, Verena, Sarah, Olga and I were all clear away early in the race. While Verena had obvious speed in the stronger wind conditions, she lacked for height and it was between, Marta, Olga and I at the top mark. Flying down wind in the super flat conditions, I caught Marta, and Olga who gibed early caught both of us by the bottom mark. Rounding on the outside of me, I hailed bouy room and with all the commotion trying to round safely, Olga fell in, I rounded very wide and Marta got the advantage on the inside and held the lead until the end of the race.

Race 4 the wind had picked up to 20+ knots. Most of the girls changed down to smaller sails anticipating the wind to increase even more. A clear start for all and it was a drag race out to the left corner. I tacked first and underplayed by 20m, Marta hit the lay line perfectly and rounded just ahead in first at the top. Gibing straight away, I gibed at the same time as Marta on the inside and took her wind, taking the lead with the bigger sail. I lead the rest of the race with Marta coming 2nd.

As it stands at the moment, Marta is winning by two points after four races with one drop. I’m coming 2nd with Olga 5 points behind in third. We are looking forward to a ripping windy day today and hopefully four more races.

By Allison Shreeve – AUS911