9th of September 2008, Portugal, 2008 Formula Windsurfing Worlds

Day 2

20:12 | AP over A. No mo races today. Please return in a few hours for results and photos..

19:15 | Gonzalo won the first race...

19:10 | Second upwind mark: ARG-3, DEN-111(OCS), POL-16,POL-11, BRA-999, GBR-83, NED-13

19:05 | First downwind mark: ARG-3,DEN-111,POL-11, GBR-83,

19:55 | Third start OK. OCS DEN-111

18:45 | Second atempt for the start and ... general recall!

18:30 | Men start! and general recall!!!

18:25 | Five minutes to the men fleet start...

18:05 | Women race#2 finish: POL-111,UKR-9,AUS-911,POL-19,EST-84

17:50 | Women race #2 first downwind mark: POL-111,UKR-9, AUS-911,POL-19, EST-84

17:41 | Start for the race # 2 women in 4 minutes... first race for the men fleet at about 25 minutes..

17:30 | Next women fleet start soon

17:10 | Women Race #1 finish: POL-111, AUS-911,POL-19, ESP-2, UKR-9.. so European Champion won the first Wolds race!

17:05 | Second upwind: POL-111,POL-19,UKR-9

16:52 | First downwind mark: POL-111,UKR-9,POL-19..

16:55 | Marta Hlavaty POL-111 first at the up-wind mark

16:45 | Clear start of the women fleet.. wind 8-9 knots...

16:30 | We expect first women fleet race soon...
Sorry, Race Office is far from the race area and we have no radio communication so far. You have wait for the results...

16:05 | Good news! In 5 minutes ladies will be send on the water for the first race!

16:05 Local time | Wind is to shifty to set the proper course... we stil on hold..

15:29 Local time | Wind is 8-10 knots! The race crew boats are one the water. Racers are preparing their equipment...

14:26 | we have had the skippers meeting and introduced all the competitors to the event officials. At the end of the meeting we organised a group photo in front of the stage - a new gallery of photos will be published soon.
we are waiting for the wind. the forecast is not so good today -but very good for the rest of days

12:10 | good afternoon from Portimao. Registration closes at 13.00 with the first skippers meeting of these championships at 13.30.
We have 84 men registered and will race them as one fleet. They are from 20 countries representing 4 continents . 18 of the top 20 world ranked formula racers are here- only Steve Allen and Antoine Albeau are unable to attend.
There are 15 racers in the womens fleet- from 10 countries and 2 continents.
The final entry list will be published very soon.