30th of July 2008, Poland, Allegro Cup - Formula European Championships

Ceri report - Day 1

The weather is gorgeous here in Leba (Poland) for the Formula Europeans. It's been windy up to now except today for the first day of the contest. Never mind, there are so many beautiful girls on the beach!

UK riders are Ross Williams, James Briggs and yours truly. The set up is amazing as always at Leba. The event is huge with big marquis for organisers, sponsors and internet cafe. There's a massive stage on the beach for parties, bands and giant aerobic classes. With 130 entrants from all over the world, it shows the widespread appeal of Formula.


Ceri day reports

18:18 | thatisit for today ! the wind did not show . we are back tomorrow ar 10.00 for skippers meeting. come back for some sailors reports from today , photos and equipment list

15:27 | the wind has improved a little . We have 5/6 knots now NNE. next announcement 16.00

13:28 | we have a beautiful sunny day here in leba , but the wind is only 4/5 knots . the forecast is better , but the wind has not yet filled in.The entry list is published -we have 137 competitors from 27 countries representing 4 continents. next announcement at 14.00

07:41 | good morning -and welcome to the first day of racing at Allegro European Championships, Yesterday was a very busy registration day - over 130 competitors from 26 countries. We have a few late arrivals to process this morning -those with nightmare travel stories to tell! Skippers meeting is at 10.00; first possible start 11.00. full details of event entry and the split of mens fleet for todays racing will be posted soon.

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Anonym | 30th July 2008 (17:27:18)

gonzalo is on exocet, saw him sailing yesterday on them...seemed to be going as usual..fast..we will need to wait and see...!

Anonym | 31st July 2008 (02:45:37)

yes gonzalo is on exocet and he is flying as with f2!

jon | 31st July 2008 (09:07:35)


jon | 31st July 2008 (09:08:07)


man | 31st July 2008 (09:10:37)


man | 31st July 2008 (09:10:59)

Which masts are the Pros using in Neilpryde sails?

man | 31st July 2008 (09:12:01)

at least all the masts beginning with serialnumer 36 are breaking

man | 31st July 2008 (09:12:17)

I mean x9 530 masts

man | 31st July 2008 (09:12:47)

Do they have older masts or do they use other brands?

Anonym | 31st July 2008 (09:55:25)

no equipment list yet?

Anonym | 31st July 2008 (11:03:25)

some sailers use severne masts in RS racing 10.7

Anonym | 31st July 2008 (13:58:11)

Races finished... when reports? Denis Little won 1?

Anonym | 31st July 2008 (17:14:51)

go go go gonzalo !!!

BRA174 | 31st July 2008 (17:21:49)


Anonym | 31st July 2008 (17:27:14)

gonzo u are fast with any board well done!!!

Anonym | 31st July 2008 (17:29:05)

Where is Paolo from brazil ?

Anonym | 31st July 2008 (22:33:49)

Congrats Dennis! Looks like the new F2 FX Z rules...

lili | 1st August 2008 (13:56:20)

Vas y Damien fonce..........
Toute la famille LE GUEN

Anonym | 1st August 2008 (14:41:19)

go gonza go gonza!!!!!

aimiri | 1st August 2008 (16:51:43)

go 4 it bra999

Polis | 1st August 2008 (17:01:55)

NED 13 using the R20 fin ?

fabio | 1st August 2008 (17:09:29)


Anonym | 1st August 2008 (19:10:10)


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