6th of June 2008, Poland, Sopot Grand Prix

Day 03 - reports

18:39 | 1st Youth -PLO23.... in womens division -AUS911, POL111, POL6

18:26 | overall results after 8 races- AUS0, ARG3, DEN111,
GBR83, POL25,POL16, BRA999 (1st Light), POL11, LAT23, POL10, EST202 (1st Master)

18:03 | no more racing today. Meal again this evening for all competitors - perfect evening to sit outside and enjoy the company of our polish hosts.

18:01 | 7 countries in the top 10. Jury will have at least one protest tonight -DEN111 and LAT23

17:56 | after 7 races and second discard -AUS0, DEN111, ARG3, POL25, GBR83

17:51 | mistake on the OCS for race 8- apologies to steve - over early was RUS0

17:50 | the wind is dropping - Z flag is flying - but i am not sure we will have another race

17:40 | at the finish -ARG3, GBR83, POL16, BRA999, POL25,

17:37 | at mark 2 -ARG3, POL16, DEN111, GBR83,

17:34 | At mark 1 -POL16, DEN111

17:29 | Race 8 started - AUS0 is ocs. The wind is 11/12 knots\\\\\\\\-NE.

17:06 | 4 minutes to start race 8

17:02 | at the finish - ARG3, POL16, POL11, AUS0, POL25...16 minute race for the winner.
Z flag is flying, another race as soon as possible.

16:57 | second rounding of mark 1- ARG3, POL16,

16:53 | At mark 2- POL16, ARG3, POL25, AUS0, GBR83

16:51 | at mark1 - POL16, GBR83, POL11, ARG3, AUS0, POL10

16:50 | restart for race 7 - clear start in 13 knots - from NE

16:40 | while we wait for the restart some facts -16 countries representing 4 continents.

16:02 | Race 7 started !- no it has\\\\'nt..general recall

15:14 | AP is coming down; wind is now between 8>11 knots. Two or three races back to back is the plan - same windward /leeward course as yesterday.

15:13 | The wind is now beginning to build -the race committee are on the water.

12:46 | Still no wind - meantime Allison Shreeve will be doing a presentation on the FW One Design equipment that is being proposed for the 2012 Olympic Regatta. On hand will be Bruno de Wannemaeker, member of the FWOD Steering Committee (SC), to advise on the selection process and how sailors can assist the project .
You can also contact the SC directly to discus :

12:42 | No change - a very light breeze.
Meanwhile committee mmbers-Willhelm (BRA) and Steve (USA) are discussing with the chairman(me) the current programme of events and the schedule for 2009/2010.
Feedback always welcome !

12:08 | sunny again in sopot- but as yet no wind .
We hope for a sea breeze in the afternoon, similar to yesterday.