7th of May 2008, Portugal, 2008 Sines-Portugal Windsurfing Grand Prix

Day one
Willhelm report...

Day one...
The first Formula World Grand Prix event started today here in the beautiful beach of S.Torpes, in Sines. Most of the top formula sailors all came to Portugal for the event that has a prize purse of twenty thousand Euros and is being superbly organized by Overpower Clube.
We had an early skippers meeting and afterwards everyone relaxed and waited for the wind to show up. At around 2pm, we were sent to the water and everyone had their big sails rigged. We managed to complete one race in really light winds of around 7-9 knots.
At the start, some sailors got stuck and had a bad start, while others decided to tack and go towards shore. The ones that headed to shore, which included Steve Allen, Fabio Melo, Miguel Martinho and Alberto Menegatti, didn't get the good shift. Jesper, Wojtec, Polonski, Gonzalo and myself, all went out and got stronger winds that took us to the upwind mark ahead of the others.
Rounding the first upwind was Jesper, followed by Gonzalo and Polonoski. On the downwind, Jesper jibed early and had to double jibe, leaving Gonzalo to take the lead and control the race on the second upwind and downwind to the finish, with Jesper chasing in second. On the second upwind, Steve had a huge come back, rounding the top mark in third was Polonoski, Steve, myself and Miguel Martinho all very close together. Steve overtook Polonoski and finished in third with Polonoski in fourth, myself in fifth, Miguel Martinho in sixth, Wojtek in seventh, Begalli in eight, Mathias Pinheiro in Ninth and Fernando Martinez closing the top 10.
Afterwards, the wind just failed show up and Claudio Alessandrello (race director) called it a day.
Tomorrow skippers meeting is set for 10 am and the forecast looks good.
Willhelm Schurmann ( BRA999)

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Anonym | 7th May 2008 (12:23:05)


BRA220 | 7th May 2008 (13:45:21)

Whats the problrem guys?

he's from Brazil not Poland!!!!!!!!!

ihaaaa | 7th May 2008 (14:24:05)

so they don't teach reading in brasil? it's like someone from poland would write szurman or priczard hahaha

Anonym | 7th May 2008 (15:08:18)

Capital B for Brasil
Show a little respect please!

Anonym | 7th May 2008 (16:21:17)

Pics please!!!!!

BRA220 | 7th May 2008 (16:22:12)

ok, and you know write in português??????

in polnad you learned portugues??????


Anonym | 7th May 2008 (16:22:20)

I would like to see pics of the new *Board Olympic concept. We know that are few people there testing the gear.

Anonym | 7th May 2008 (17:05:51)

Que se fodam estes polacos...poloneses no BRASIL (tudo com letra grande).
Va Bros, vamos la a apoiar o Miguel e o Wilhelm!!!

Anonym | 7th May 2008 (17:09:53)

ĂŠ isso ai fodam-se polonese otariossssss....

BRA174 | 7th May 2008 (20:25:05)


s | 7th May 2008 (22:29:47)


a | 7th May 2008 (22:30:01)


f | 7th May 2008 (22:30:18)

good winds

r | 7th May 2008 (22:30:34)

strong winds

l | 7th May 2008 (22:30:58)

best of luck to all sailors in portugal

sue | 7th May 2008 (22:31:50)

where are the pictures?

sam | 7th May 2008 (22:33:37)

nice spot

BRA 5 | 7th May 2008 (22:34:00)

Hey Guys,
let's go to respect all polish guys. They are competitors like the brazilian's and must to have respect with all.
To be there is easy and talk bad about others, too.
Respect please!!
all the best,

US-167 | 7th May 2008 (23:10:43)

Gonzalo is on the new Peter Ifju's fins which are obviously kicking some serious bud.

Anonym | 8th May 2008 (02:23:37)

the only thing i care in poland are the polish girls.

Anonym | 8th May 2008 (03:41:58)

US-167 R U Sure?

BRA 5 | 8th May 2008 (10:43:16)

Gonzalo is using Kashy fins...

hahahah`` | 8th May 2008 (13:12:16)

25 competitors.... not much......

Anonym | 8th May 2008 (13:46:25)

go starboard go

Anonym | 8th May 2008 (13:46:26)

go starboard go

BRA 220 | 8th May 2008 (14:24:35)

good job today wilhelm!!!!!!

BRA174 | 8th May 2008 (16:07:15)

Boa Wilhelm, onde dĂĄ pra ver os resultados ???

ihaaaa | 8th May 2008 (16:08:28)

hey bra220 stop offending people. if you are so clever and great why are not on the competition now??

ihaaaa | 8th May 2008 (16:11:00)

and I don't need to learn portugese so I can read how to write someones name correct :)

Anonym | 8th May 2008 (17:32:36)

is the equipment list available?

BRA 220 | 8th May 2008 (17:33:53)

hei guys, im sorry but i don't offending peoples here, ok.

BRA 220 | 8th May 2008 (17:36:45)

other people thats offending peoples here, ok, not me!

ComandUUUU - BRA 25 | 8th May 2008 (22:23:19)

Some news on the Slalom rounds?

Anonym | 8th May 2008 (22:57:05)

Steve in 1st, Gonzalo 1 pt behind after 3 rounds

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