24th of April 2008, Portugal, 2008 Sines-Portugal Windsurfing Grand Prix

Sines, Portugal Grand Prix coming closer

The venue has changed but the enthusiasm to host major formula events is undiminished. Sines, a municipality within the Setubal region, will be hosting its first major windsurfing event, which may signal the start of an annual pilgrimage to the region. The top ten ranked racers in 2007 are attending, including last years POR grand prix winner - Steve Allen.

"It is always a pleasure to come to the warm crystal blue water and sandy beaches of Portugal; always offering great conditions for windsurfing. I am stoked to have the oppotunity to venture to yet another great location in Portugal to experience all of the above again with great orgization and warm friendly hospitality."
Steve Allen (AUS 0)

Here is what some of the other racers have to say:

"On behalf of the Brazilian team, I would like to say that; we are all very excited about the Sines event, which will kick off the start of the Formula Grand Prix World Tour 2008. Overpower club, has always organized fantastic events and because of this, many Brazilians are heading to Portugal to take part in the event."
Willhelm Schurmann(BRA 999)

"... if Overpower is organizing once again a top level race I have to be there!".
Fernando MartĂ­nez del Cerro (ESP71)

"I am thrilled to come back to Portugal after a year of absence. Always loved to compete there in wonderfully steady warm winds and as well enjoyed a lot the hospitality and relaxing atmosphere"
Wojtek Brzozowski (POL 10)

"I am very excited that Club Overpower once again show their commitment to the sport of Formula Windsurfing...I have never been to the venue, but I am sure we will have some great racing and activities going on. It will be the first of a series of 6 Grand-prix events and a great opportunity for all of us to see our level before the European and World Championships"...
Jesper Vesterstrom (DEN111)

Flying in from Australia will be 3 times, and current, world champion Allison Shreeve (AUS 911). Allison will be staying in europe to compete in Sopot GP before going home - but she will not be racing on her normal equipment. More news on May 1st !