24th of April 2008, Portugal, 2008 Sines-Portugal Windsurfing Grand Prix

Transfer to Sines

Dear Competitor, I need to receive your flight details, flight number, company. We will have 3 transfers per day on - 4th and 5th - morning, afternoon and night. We also need to know how many bags, boards, ....

As you seen Sines is almost 165km far away from Lisbon. So we only can provide transportation to the competitors who send us the flight details by next tuesday April 29th.

Here is a PDF form that you need to email to ceri@offshore-sports.co.uk

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chabannes | 19th July 2010 (12:38:49)

Hello, we have register our son on Friday, July 16th in the evening for his participation on the small world championship in windsurfing ball-point 293 in martigues of the 24juillet to 31 juillet:chabannes.robin been born in 01/02/97 n°voile 369 6.80m2, and we have no his(her,its) name on the list of the subscribers this day .merci to inform us if problem. Best regards.

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