4th of April 2008, Portugal, 2008 Sines-Portugal Windsurfing Grand Prix

Overpower and Portugal join the Grand Prix world tour

The 2008 Grand Prix world tour will now kick off in Sines, Portugal from 6th to 10th May. Isabel and Jose Guimaraes, Overpower, have relocated this years Portuguese GP to Sines.

Sines is a municipality in the district of SetĂşbal, Portugal, with a total area of 203.0 km² and a rapidly growing population of 13,531 inhabitants. It is located at the centre of the Alentejo coast and part of the St. Vincent and Southwest Alentejo Coast Natural Park..

Check out the Notice of Race.

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marc | 4th April 2008 (18:34:05)

At last a professional formula circuit, this is just what formula needs. Will be looking forward to the season.

Anonym | 4th April 2008 (20:27:35)

Yep , this is great news.
Keep up the great work and even PWA will come back. Just think about a 42 or 63 where in lightwind formula is done and only in stronger winds slalom is on.

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