1st of March 2008, USA, Calema Midwinters - North American Championships

First two days from Calema....

Day 01

With just 1 race for the formula class today in marginal conditions, it was important to stay on top of your game.

Keeping in the breeze was more beneficial than even choosing the right side. From the start, it looked like I was out the back door already as I chose to start near the pin with Fernando. We got rolled by the top 15 guys who got off the line. About 20 sec later I was finally able to get clear air and get off the line. Off to the left side I went with the top guys while the rest of the fleet sat on the line. We raced a double windward leeward course. Up in front was Gonzolo and Sherman but the positions were changing rapidly as there were big holes around the course.

The second upwind I took a big chance and footed to the right side and over stood the last windward mark. It paid off as I gained 5 or 6 boards to finish 8th.

A good show for the first day on the new F2 board. I was using the 2008 north warp 11.8 with a Kashy 70 cm de fin. Most of the
fleet was on 11.8s or bigger!

So far the results in the top 10 were:
1. Gonzalo Costa Hevel AGR 3
2. Jesper Vesterstorm DEN 111
3. Miguel Martinho POR 5
4 Jean Paul Lpecht COL 1
5. Jimmy Diaz ISV 11
6. Antoine Albeau FRA 192
7. Wilhelm Schurmann BRA 999
8. Steven Bodner USA 4
10. Fernando Martinez USA 42

Stve Bodner - USA4

Day 02

Formula fleet tried 2 starts in dying breeze with 2 general recall but alas the wind died and the rc sent the fleet in for the day. Results stand after 1 race. Evening party with mechanical bull sponsored by Maui sails. Photos to come....

Check Steve's blog ...http://www.stevebodner.blogspot.com/
Photos : http://miamiwindsurfing.com/

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ComandUUUU | 1st March 2008 (14:57:48)

Ins't it Rodrigo Hoevel??? ahuahuhauhaah
Piolho truou, tem que raspar ahuauhauh!!!!!

Anonym | 1st March 2008 (18:30:46)

It is Jimmy in the last picture ??? Not Steve??

Crash | 1st March 2008 (20:05:17)

Can you give more information what boards where they using?
Thanks Crash

MCA | 1st March 2008 (21:02:07)

Salut Antoine t'inquiette pas tu les auras au finische comme d'ab Papa

Dave K | 2nd March 2008 (12:18:21)

No racing Saturday, Two starts late in the day, first was a general recall, second had an individual recall followed by an abandonment flag with most of the fleet not planing off the start line.

Today the forecast is a little better depending on who you listen to. First possilbe start is 9 o'clock

jonyslarry | 2nd March 2008 (17:54:30)

brazilian results?

Anonym | 2nd March 2008 (21:45:17)

congrats gonz

Anonym | 3rd March 2008 (00:33:06)

Today light wind,8 to 13.Mostly A fleet with 12 m.

final top 10:

1 Gonzalo Hoevel
2 Jesper Vestestroom
3 Antoine Albeau
4 Jimmy Diaz
5 Wilhelm Shurmann
5 Gabriel Browne
7 Miguel Martinho
8 Mathias Pinheiro
9 Jean Paul
10 Victor melo

SXM FAMILY | 3rd March 2008 (02:31:24)


ComandUUUU | 4th March 2008 (13:35:35)

BOA TOIÇO !!!!!!!!
ParabĂŠns Gonza !!! FodA heim!
Shurminator como sempre aplicante!!!
E o melhor... BORA PICARDIA VEI MERREQUEIRO ANDADOR !!!! AGora a mixa para vendas serĂĄ algo JAMAIS VISTO no kong.
Os Melos vão esclarecer quando ventar.
Jesper - Way to go! the start of the season has been for sure better than the closure of 2007!

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