28th of November 2006, Brazil, The 2006 Brazilan Formula Grand Prix

A night to remember

by Bruno
Every Monday night, it's at the Pirata Bar where one can find the happiest place and the best cure for all sadness and frustrations: "The craziest Monday in the world!" The night started with the traditional ForrĂł PĂŠ-de-Serra of the Banda PĂŠ-de-Chinelo with musical instruments like the concertina, triangle and zabumba. At midnight the atmosphere gets really hot with the "Banda do Pirata" (Pirate´s band), they get everyone dancing and jumping in a variety of Brazilian rhythms. Then at 3am, on the deck of the ship, the free dawn soup (sopão da madrugada) is served to rebuild the strength and energy of the survivors, and the night goes on with the Popular Brazilian Music until the sun rises. As we discovered in 2001 the Pirata is an imperative place to visit if you are in Fortaleza.

Bruno, Marco and Didier - one of the "Pirata" directors.