27th of November 2006, Brazil, The 2006 Brazilan Formula Grand Prix

Close encounter with the dolphins

by Bruno de Wannemaeker
While testing his Deboichet fins Marco Begalli (ITA 451) encountered today several dolphins. Some of them even came into the bay. The wind is steady around 13-15 knots and Marco is full powered on his 11 Warp[ Speed.
If you want to find the exact location of the Hotel Marina Park and the racing area just type in 3°43'12.44"S, 38°31'41.91"W in Google Earth. If you have Google Earth installed, you can also download Brazil - Fortaleza - Marina Park Hotel.kmz the Placemark fiile on your local disk and then double-click on it and it will fly you to a location. If not, you will need to install Google Earth first (available at http://earth.google.com.)

Registartion is still going on slow but the locals took a day of after the 22 knot – 40 minute longdistance of yesterday and the closing party.

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Anonym | 28th November 2006 (12:18:35)

What board was he testing?

Bruno | 28th November 2006 (16:15:48)

Starboard 160 with the design of the 161.....

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