27th of November 2006, Brazil, The 2006 Brazilan Formula Grand Prix

Day 1 - Registration day

by Bruno de Wannemaeker
Today registration has just started for the Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix at the Event Office at Marina Park Hotel, at 10:00 local time (= 13 hours in the UK). Tomorrow another day of registration is scheduled from 10:00 to 18:00, The first possible race for the Grand Prix is scheduled for Wednesday 10:00.
Marco Begalli has been training (and partying) for 3 days and states: “The practicing conditions are really good, The wind was really hard and the waves are high, totally different from the waves in Lake Garda. Tonight it’s “Pirata night”, Monday is the only day in the week when the world famous disco PIRATA is open so everybody is looking forward to this ‘last’ party before the events kicks off on Wednesday.

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Markus Aut 30 | 27th November 2006 (22:46:33)

Dear Marco

HOpe the party at Pirata was good ... do not party too much I will be back on track next year. (( ;;

Your brother in crime


Carlo | 28th November 2006 (17:37:16)

Dear Markus,
in Cagliari next 9 December, ITA-22 carlo "The Duke" will married!!!
Marco Begalli is the witness, you will come?

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