10th of September 2006, South Korea, 2006 Formula Windsurfing World Championships

Day 10 - last day of the event...

>06:25 |Top 3: Steve, Julien and Antoine ... check the results after 6 races..
05:30 | the sailors are sent ashore to wait ...Last possible start today is 14.00 (7:00 CET)

05:20 | wind has dropped -postponed on the boat

05:05 | 5 mins from the warning signal - but the wind is dropping !

04:50 | Postponement is down -20 mins (minimum) to the warning signal race 7
04:14 | we have short break on the beach -then try for 2 more races .

04:08 | First finishers -FRA192,AUS0,FRA421,FRA531...

04:04 | First roundings -FRA192,AUS0,FRA531,FRA586,NED13,LAT 13

04:01 | GBR 83 broke a fin in the first race - could not start the second.

03:38 | Race 6 is started -wind12/13 knots .The right side of the course is now favoured.

03:36 | followed by AUS0,POL25,DEN 78...

03:30 | first finisher -FRA192,DEN111,FRA421,..

03:24 | first round...FRA192,DEN111,FRA421,POL25,FRA531,

03:22 | some OCS - KOR ? , TUR 11, BRA 100...maybe more to follow

03:15 | they have started !

03:14 | the wind stabilised and picked up again ... fingers crossed!

03:03 | we are 3 mins way from a new start

03:00 | the wind has dropped further , and shifted 30 degrees- the race is abandoned .

02:47 | the course is far from the beach -and thewind is dropping !

02:45 | clear start !

02:32 | 2mins to the start of Race 5

02:27 | apoplogies- the webcam is down , we will try to fix it !

01:16 | Postponement is down - we have 12>15 knots on the course .
The sailors are heading out for the start.the course is same as yesterday

01:12 | We have had the skippers meeting and Race Director , Bruno de Wannemaeker, is going on the water with his race team .
We had offshore winds overnight -and at the beach first thing this morning it looked as if the wind was going, only white caps on the horizon !
but the wind has swung a little more sideshore and whitecaps moved closer to the beach ......

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juju\'mother | 10th September 2006 (12:47:11)

bravo à mon petit champion
mille bisous

Le Sniper | 10th September 2006 (13:10:32)

Toute mes fĂŠlicitations Le Scout !!!
C'est bon ça!
Bravo a vous les frenchies !!!

junio | 10th September 2006 (13:56:54)

...AU TOP JUJU ..!!!!!!!!!

joss | 10th September 2006 (13:57:18)

Bravo les français
etre champion c est savoir perdre et savoir etre fair play dommage de lire qu il n y avait pas de niveau Ils n avaient qu à venir les champions et montrer qu en tous temps ils sont les plus forts mais ont t ils peurs de la releve ???ce qui compte c est le resultat :petit temps ou gros temps Etre fort c est savoir tout gerer comme dans tous les sport: petites vagues en surf ,vent en athletisme pluie en tennis en motos en formule 1 ect...... DONC DU FAIR PLAY ....... voila l exemple que DOIT donner un vrai champion

F421 | 11th September 2006 (04:41:43)

salut joss !
ces le plus bon commentaire que j'ai vu ces claire que tout les champion devait venir vent ou pas vent et montrĂŠ que ces eu les plus fort

Christian Grassmann | 11th September 2006 (12:26:36)

Hi Steve,
congratulation to the winning of the title. Think your decision to change was right. I`m so happy with you. Can`t wait to get the gaastra!


Anonym | 11th September 2006 (14:11:03)

and go for a windless place !!! hauhauahahua

Anonym | 12th September 2006 (15:20:43)


Anonym | 12th September 2006 (15:21:46)


Anonym | 12th September 2006 (20:05:42)

The real formula world championship will be at Fortaleza.With massive winds for sure Antoine will win.He is Fuc....ing FAST !!!!!

Anonym | 12th September 2006 (22:24:11)

where are all the prize giving and racing photos from the last day?

Lucas | 12th September 2006 (23:11:13)

Let's see how it is going to be here in Fortaleza.
Just pray we don't get super bad luck during the event week. The winds can get light .. or not hehehe probability is very low but you never know... I just know I have been sailing for 15 days straight with nothig less than 15 knots. Yesterday - 25+ at the Formula Venue.

Lucas | 12th September 2006 (23:15:27)

Steve and Antoine know the area and I have seen then VERY fast around here. POL 10 said he would be back to the scene at this event. Lets see the pros flying.

Anonym | 13th September 2006 (02:51:15)

yehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! FORMULA PARADISE

Allison | 13th September 2006 (09:00:09)

In my experience, I have learnt one thing regarding wind at events. No matter how windy the place is usually, the conditions we get for a major compeititon are always the opposite to the norm. Melbourne is always windy, but then come the world champs, no wind for a few days!, China normally no wind, yet we get 6 days in two weeks with planing conditions even one day with over 25knots! Leba, no wind!, Portimao, no wind! I think we should schedule our events on the websites but tell everyone in secret to go the week after, haha, then for sure we will get the normal wind.
The great thing about formula class is that we can always get a result, even if the wind isnt so good during the week. You never know what your going to get, so you have to be prepared for everything and stay positive the whole time.

Markus Huhtinen | 13th September 2006 (11:01:11)

Some photos from the event can be found at http://www.ncp.fi/koulutusohjelmat/metsa/FWWorlds06/page1.htm.

These are 768 * 1024 versions. If you need the originals please contact me.


aleks | 13th September 2006 (11:51:23)

it is amazing that even gaastra after trying so long to win the world championships they finally do it!! And still no report or mention about it on there website, obviously they are no that interested, why employ riders if you can not be bothered to even promote them. Website are mainly news..... we want to see the front page with steve and ross not mat at least for a few hours...shame on you!!!

Fabio M | 13th September 2006 (16:04:40)

Fortaleza is a formula paradise for sure. Its a very wind place with 27ºC watter and november its not gonna be diferent. We can expect winds betwen 15 to 25 knos.

Fabio M | 13th September 2006 (16:07:17)

I agree 100% with Aleks, whats going on??

Koen | 13th September 2006 (19:32:48)

Gaastra webmaster is a bit slow,........, it will come

racer | 13th September 2006 (21:09:25)

rather than the slowness of gaastra's webmaster, it shows the interest of the industry these days in fw...

Anonym | 14th September 2006 (07:28:18)

I thinkMatt was waiting for my race report which I just finished and sent to him. So you can now see this on my website www.steveallen.pl and it will be up on the Gaastra forum shortly, hopefully with some pics. Sorry for the delay as I am a very slow writer and I was quite tired after the long trip home. It was 4hr bus trip to the airport followed by 12 hrs on the plane to Frankfurt and then a 11hr drive back to Poland. I hope you like my race to race report just following the point of view from my possition.
Best Regards

Mike | 14th September 2006 (13:23:21)

thanks for your report steve. Much appreciated :)

Mike | 14th September 2006 (14:19:12)

Gaastra/Tabou Congratulate Steve Allen, FWC WORLD CHAMPION

In one of the most watched Formula racing events of the year, Steve Allen stepped up to the plate to show he had the goods to deliver a World Championship.


Fabio M | 14th September 2006 (20:25:21)

Really good report steve!

Anonym | 19th December 2006 (21:09:05)

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