7th of September 2006, South Korea, 2006 Formula Windsurfing World Championships

Day 7 - Third day of racing...

11:09 | come back soon for full results

11:09 | fifth was FRA 531

11:00 | First finisher Race 4 - GBR 83, AUS0, FRA 421, FRA 192, FRA ?, DEN111...

10:59 | Race 4 is on second upwind -see the live webcam for the finish

10:00 | First finishers-GBR83, FRA421, AUS0, FRA192..

09:57 | It is a start first time -no recalls

09:56 | Race 3 will start in a minute

08:32 | Race 2 -AUS 0, POL 16,FRA421,GBR83...

08:30 | Race 2 is well under way ; we hope to have a break and do third and fourth races !

07:35 | First place was michel polanowski

07:21 | Finish Race 1- POL ?, AUS0, FRA41, DEN111, GBR83, POL25..... more news soon

06:52 | OK -i am slow to repot - but race 1 has started !!

06:50 | The wind is up enough to drop the postponement - maybe we will get our first race .

03:01 | Day 7- We have just had the skippers meeting; the forecast is for a little more wind than yesterday , which could be enough for racing !
There is already more wind than at the same time yesterday ; so lets hope.
Direction could be a little more onshore-so a little swell , which could grow overnight; with promise of increased wind for friday.

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Pieter Bijl | 7th September 2006 (21:07:37)

Whow, reading the report from Dennis is pretty depressing, happy I'm not there struggeling. Sounds like it is hell on a bad day.

Any way, I just want to wish you guys some good conditions so the best sailor overall can win. Pretty impressed with Antoine being up there with his weight. Dennis keep up the good spirit.

Later Pieter

Adri | 8th September 2006 (00:51:21)

I agree Pieter, this will probably initiate another discussion about the windlimits :-( The more wind the more fair the results. Hang in there Dennis! Pieter, do you know why Micah and Kevin are not competing?

Pascal BEL 7 | 10th September 2006 (20:01:54)

hmmm, after following the event from Belgium because I had problems getting my gear to Korea. I don't mind that I was not there.... It looks like they got some crazy lightwind racing overthere.
Amazing to see Julien (only 20 years of age) taking 2nd place and Antoine with his +90kg taking 3rd.


Ricardo | 10th September 2006 (20:07:32)

Interesting comments from Steve (taken from the Gaastra forum):

heard there were some posts that some guys were not happy with the wind. We had 4 races 3 were around 7-10 knots one around 8-13 knots. It has been quite a long time since we raced in such light steady wind conditions and some sailors had problems. Like using only 10.7m size sail when it is for 12m condition and I feel some sail brands are not working well in the lighter wind. Then you look at everyone sailing before the start planning without any problem but then on the start most sailors were waiting far too long until the last 5 to 10 seconds to try to start planning. When this happens all the pumping at the same time takes the wind from each other making it very dificult to get clean starts. However the start line was quite long and I was just trying to get a clean start and not always the best start which worked well. A hint you need to get planning around 40 seconds before the gun in this wind. Also in this light wind the Gaastra 12m seemed to be working perfectly as everyone on these sails were powered. I never needed more than 2 or 3 pumps out of each jibe and tack to plane and remembered racing many times in the same and less wind in the past. I have not had a 12m sail that worked for me since 2002 and so i often used 10.7 then as my largest sail as many guys had here which in the past was just enough get me by until Melbourne last year where I felt this size sail became too high wind orintated for me and struggled in the lighter wind starts there also. Now I am really happy to have the 12m that works so well that I feel anyone on this sail in those conditions would love it as I did. Not a struggle at all just planning so easy and efortless sailing for me. That is my thoughts on the lighter wind starts and gear, and I hope by letting you know how i start and my sail choose could help more people enjoy these conditions.

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