22nd of August 2006, Brazil, Brazilian Formula National

Brasilian Formula Nationals

by Wilhelm Schurmann
After the Slalom Nationals, it was time to head to Joao Pessoa for the Formula Nationals and first event counting for the formula national
ranking tour. The city of Joao Pessoa has excellent conditions for formula and the races where held in the bay right in front of town, making it perfect for spectators to watch as well.
Winds ranged from 7-20 knots on the 3 days of the event that had more than 90 racers registered. Paulo dos Reis (Neilpryde/Starboard)
arrived 1 week earlier to train and it paid off, he won the event after winning 8 out of the 10 races, followed by Wilhelm Schurmann
(Neilpryde/Starboard) who took the light weight division and had a bit of bad luck on the first day after some equipment problems. Lucas
Fiuza (Neilpryde/F2) came in third showing incredible board speed together with Fabio Melo (Gaastra/Starboard) in fourth and Leonardo
Rebello (Servene/Starboard) in 5th.

This year, the event had the highest level ever and specially sailors from Fortaleza, like Lucas Fiuza and Fabio Melo, both 22 years old,
showed that they will be the new formula generation to lookout for. The organizers, Saulo, Kaka and Victor, did a superb job and the event
was superbly run. These guys thought of everything, plenty of shades for equipment, fruits, water, stretching lessons in the morning,
massage after the races with 3 professional physiotherapists, and an incredible price given ceremony with a huge buffet and drinks for
everyone, not to mention the incredible local hospitality.

Brasilian nationals formula results.doc

1. Paulo dos Reis (NP/Starboard)
2. Wilhelm Schurmann (NP/Starboard)
3. Lucas FiĂşza (NP/F2)
4. Fabio Melo (Gaastra/Starboard)
5. Leonardo Rebello (Servene/Starboard)
6. Victor Melo (Gaastra/Starboard)
7. Tarso Melo (Gaastra/Starboard)
8. Nelson Oliveira (NP/Starboard)
9. Marcilio Browne (Gaastra/Starboard)
10. Marcello Morrone (Katanka/Starboard)

Light Weight:
1. Wilhelm Schurmann (NP/Starboard)
2. Nelsinho Oliveira (NP/Starboard)
3. Marcilio Browne (Gaastra/Starboard)

1. Cristina M Maia (Gaastra/Starboard)
2. MĂ´nica Veras (NP/Starboard)
3. Marlana Monteiro (Starboard)

1. Nelson Oliveira (NP/Starboard)
2. Marcilio Browne (Gaastra/Starboard)
3. Ricardo Conde (Neilpryde/Starboard)

Grand Master
1. Elizeu Viera (Servene/Starboard)
2. Carlos Isaac (Neilpryde/Starboard)
3. Renato Pozolo (Servene/Starboard)

Super Master
1. Luciano Barreto (Neilpryde/Starboard)
2. Marcelo Lacerda (Neilpryde/Starboard)
3. Paulo Japa (Servene/Starboard)
1. Elias Seadi (Servene/Starboard)
2. Igor Sobreira
3. Pedro Carvalho

1. Gabriel Browne (North/F2
2. Stefano Frontine
3. Marcelo Crespo

1. Victor Lucena
2. Luiz Nogueira
3. Samuel Brito

For full results and pictures go to www.upwind.com.br

Wilhelm Schurmann