19th of August 2006, Switzerland, Formula International and Euro Cup

Last day

AP over A. No more racing! The EC Silvaplana is over. Prize giving is tonight on Mount Corvatsch!
We had a lunch break to give the racers a chance to recover after the marathon race. Now we will start the slalom again with heat 2 of elimination 2...
Finish: ISR-1, GBR-83 (almost missing the finish!), ARG-3, NED-8, POL-18, SUI-31, ITA-456, POL-25, POL-180, GBR-56, NED-2, GER-69, ...
Arnon Dagan wins the marathon race at the EC Silvaplana! His time: 53 minutes and 48 seconds!!!

after 4th lap: ISR-1, ARG-3, GBR-83, NED-8, SUI-31, POL-180, POL-18, ITA-456, POL-25, GBR-56, ...

after 3rd round: ISR-1, GBR-83, ARG-3, ... the wind is gusty and shifty between 11 and 16 knots...

The wind is picking up. gusts are reaching up to 17 knots. Arnon with a huge lead at the upwind mark.

2nd lap: ISR-1, GBR-83, ARG-3, NED-8, POL-25, POL-180, POL-18, SUI-31, GBR-56, ITA-456, NED-6, GER-69, BEL-7, POL-13, ITA-415, ...
after 1st lap: ISR-1, GBR-83, POL-18, POL-25, NED-8, POL-180, SUI-31, NED-2, ARG-3, GBR-56, GER-69, SUI-8, ITA-456, BEL-7, ...
1st upwind: Arnon has a huge lead in front of Ross.
The wind is stable again and we started the marathon race: 5 rounds!

The wind is stabilizing. The discipline flag "R" for racing has been raised. The start for the marathon race is planned in 30 minutes.
We just had the Skippers Meeting. At the moment the wind is not there. So we are on stand-by and wait for better conditions.
Next announcement 12:00. First possible start 12:30...
We will keep you updated...

Good morning from Silvaplana. Today is the final day of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup here at the Engadinwind.com. If the wind plays the game we will see the famous marathon race today. Instead of two laps the racers have to go for five laps to achieve the full marathon distance. The race will count like a normal Euro-Cup race. If the wind is strong enough we will then switch over to Slalom to have one or two more eliminations. Otherwise we might see some more races...

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Anonym | 22nd August 2006 (03:12:49)

Looks like it was a great event. Mostly formula. Seems like formula can be raced with more people and in more conditions than slalom even the slalom 42 with 85cm boards and 10.0 sails. Why is PWA not doing formula?

Formula RULES | 22nd August 2006 (21:38:11)

EXCELENT question !!! WHYYYYYYYY ??????

Jan Witteveen | 23rd August 2006 (10:14:50)

It seems as if commercially the slalom is more interesting then Formula. I think that it is a mistake, most surfers sail in venue's where wind is not always strong enhough for slalom windsurfing. the 42 concept is again more material but less sailing. I think that the surfindustry again is making the same mistake.

Formula is a great concept that can be used in lots of places.

Formula RULES | 23rd August 2006 (14:46:51)

Totally agree !

The Slalom 42 - 4 sails and 2 boards in an event if i am not wrong ! But the pros have like out 20 boards and sails to pick the 4 -2 ones for each specific event... Formula we all know how it is...

Dave Kashy | 24th August 2006 (00:39:30)

I'm here at the Canadian Nationals. The daily results will be posted at http://www.cork.org/results.html
Forcast is 10-15 knots NE, HOPE its true

Dave Kashy | 24th August 2006 (00:40:34)

PS the NOR is actually at http://www.cork.org/2006nor/classes2006.pdf

Dave K | 24th August 2006 (23:09:17)

No Racing today for any boards! Formula, RSX, and raceboards stayed on the beach.

dd | 25th August 2006 (06:47:01)

woh windy it is in korea?

Anonym | 25th August 2006 (11:21:56)


Stefan | 31st August 2006 (17:32:51)

Anyone know anything about changes for F2 2007 formula board? Website still has the '06 board but there is a pic when you select "products" and see the desert scene. Looks rounder and orange. Anyone?

Anonym | 31st August 2006 (18:41:00)

It will be 83 cm one foot off

France | 4th September 2006 (18:09:54)

force julien (fra 421)

LES ILES DU NORD (FWI) | 5th September 2006 (00:09:42)

on est tous avec à toi...
ST Martin compte sur toi pour reprĂŠsenter dignement ton ĂŽle

LES ILES DU NORD (FWI) | 5th September 2006 (00:11:03)

pour juju ( FRA421)
le prĂŠcĂŠdent message t'est destinĂŠ

junio | 5th September 2006 (23:33:51)

Junio & Gwada Family

Lili et Claude | 6th September 2006 (12:21:31)

Allez-y les garçons, on erst tous avec vous......
Lili, CLaude, Elodie,ET Tous les crocos.

g | 6th September 2006 (14:35:41)

pwa are not doing formula as the people with influence lets say the older generation are no good at it, and it is too competitive through the weight ranges lights guys can actually win look at slalom no light guys at all they can go home...

formula_guy | 6th September 2006 (15:41:45)

Actually that's not reason at all. The PWA were looking for formats that could be brought to the masses on TV, slalom works a lot better than formula on a tv - as formula would cost so much to film (slalom you could do with maybe 1-2 cameras, formula you would need like 5-6) plus its difficult for spectators to understand formula...

I don't think its all over for formula in the PWA, they may one day take it back on... just needs money ... which is around now with companies like Allegro in Poland putting so much into their events ... only a matter of time and organisation.

Anonym | 7th September 2006 (07:34:47)

GO DEN288!!!!!!

Workshop Welltec | 7th September 2006 (09:14:35)

GO Kasper! Flot !! Den288 rouls!

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