18th of August 2006, Switzerland, Formula International and Euro Cup

Day 3 - Day full of action...

18:30 | AP over A. No more racing today! After one full slalom elimination and three races a great competition day comes to its end. Tomorrow the skippers meeting is set for 11:00 with the first possible start at 11:30.

18:20 | Finish race 7: ISR-1, GBR-56, ITA-415, NED-6, POL-13, ITA-456, POL-25, SUI-96, GER-69, GER-83, POL-18, POL-180, SUI-31, ARG-3 (over early)

18:00 | We are in the sequence for race 7. 14 to 16 knots.

17:41 | Race 6 finish: ISR-1, ARG-3, GBR-83, ITA-456, POL-25, GBR-56, NED-6, SUI-96, CRO-7, GER-69, SUI-31, ITA-415, POL-18, ...

17:15 | General Recall for race 6. New start soon.

17:10 | In less then 2 minutes we will enter the sequence for race 6.

17:08 | Finish Race 5: ISR-1, GBR-83, ARG-3, POL-25, ITA-456, GBR-56, POL-13, ITA-, SUI-96, POL-320, NED-8, ...

16:18 | As the wind remains low, the race committee decides to switch the discipline to formula. The first possible start for race 5 is 16:30.
14:13 | Results of the slalom first serie final: GBR-83, ISR-1, NED-2, KV-11, SUI-31, ARG-3, GER-202, ITA-415, NED-8, FRA-730, BEL-7, GER-69, GER-383, GER-189
12:00 | The decision is there! The race committee wants to start slalom. The average wind speed over 10 minutes is 14,6 knots. gusts are reaching up to over 20 knots. Start of heat 1 soon...
11:30 | Good morning from Silvaplana! Today is the tihrd day of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup here at the Engadinwind.com windsurfing festival
We just had the skippers Meeting. The wind is already there! And logically slalom has priority now. We hope that the wind will be stable enough to start the second discipline. Otherwise we will get some more races. Everybody is just getting ready and the race crew checks the wind and the course.

Live repetrs on: www.euro-cup.org