10th of August 2006, Poland, ALLEGRO.PL CUP 2006 Euro-Cup

Day 01

17:34 | Now everybody is getting ready for the opening ceremony. Tomorrow the Skippers Meeting is at 10:30 with the first possible start at 11:00. CU tomorrow!

17:06 | AP over A. Finish for today.

16:47 | We have another last postphonement. The last announcement will be at 17:00. Nobody expects any wind for today. So instead of surfing the competitors enjoy the great atmosphere and perfect hospitality of their Polish hosts. At 19:00 there will be a big opening ceremony followed by a party for the competitors and invited guests.

16:22 | We had another one-hour-delay. Next announcement at 16:30

14:48 | The clouds opened a little bit and let some sunshine in. But in the west new clouds are coming up. We posthone for another hour. Next announcement is at 15:30

13:42 | It started to rain. Fortunately it is not the heavy rain that everybody was concerned bout. Instead of that we have a soft but continuously rain that seems to put everything asleep - including the wind! Next announcement is at 14:30. We remain on stand-by.

12:27 | Dark clouds are moving closer from the west. We expect heavy rain very soon. Everything is on hold and we have the next announcement at 13:30.

11:36 | Hello from Poland no wind at the moment. Stay tunned for more action.