30th of July 2006, Belgium, Youth & Masters Worlds & Junior Class Championchips

And so the World Champs for Youths, Juniors and Masters are finished.

by Leszek Rutkowski POL-220
Over 120 competitors from over 20 countries made the event look very serious and allowed all the competitors to feel as they were taking part in something big. It was also a proof for everybody that even 15 years old competitors can be fully profesionals.

For me this event was the last Youth Chmpionship as I got too old. Therefor my ambitions were very high and I was ready to do my very best. During the last 5 years of my international racing I met a lot of people. There were many guys I raced with. But wherever I went and doesn't matter how good I did Robert Baldyga was always somewhere close. Since the very beginning we raced each other. We got better every year. We climbed the rankings faster than anyone else but we always raced each other. Even though we have always stayed friends, there was this private race beetween the two of us. And so it was this time...
I started with an overearly in the first race which was the worst thing that could happen to me. After that it was clear which one from the two of Robert and me was going to run away and which one will try to catch up. I got better with every race but it wasn't enough. After all I finished 4 points behind.
Obviously it wasn't only the two of us racing. From the whole fleet there were a few guys that impressed me the most. It was Dorian van Rijselberghe, Pascal Somers and Pablo Ania Barrachina. The reason to take these guys out of the other 39 great racers is to show that racing and fighting for positions, points and medals is only a part of our sport. The other part is fun. And if I could say something to all of the young competitors wondering what to do to go even faster, I'd say 'have fun!' and if you do everything is going to be easier. And if you don't believe it just find Dorian, Pascal or Pablo and see them smiling. And the reason I want you to be even better is that I want somebody to be there next year to fight Robert :]
So, congratulations to all the winners, the organisers and the race crew for having such a great event. I really hope that the level among the youngest will keep on rising and new faces will keep showing up. I aslo hope that windsurfing as a sport in whole will keep on evolving through all the other classes so that in the future we can have more than 6 people in a fleet fightinf for the Formula Expierience World title.
All best to everybody!
See you on the water

Leszek Rutkowski (Starboard, Deemeed)

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