29th of July 2006, Belgium, Youth & Masters Worlds & Junior Class Championchips

Last day... action report

17:15 | unofficial results:
Masters -DEN173 ,NED1111,LAT13
Youth- POL18,POL220,NED8,
Junior- POL23, NED777, GER220...
FE- FRA75,PER111,BEL80

16:07 | so many people trying to access the results on the event website -the webmaster could not finish uploading the final race!
So come back later to FW website to check results

16:07 | provisional results to follow soon.

16:02 | first finishers in masters-DEN173,NED1111,LAT13

15:55 | first finishers in youth -POL220,NED8,POL18

15:31 | youths have started

15:25 | first finishers : Junior-NED777,POL23,GBR32,POL48,

15:07 | at the mark rounding -POL23,NED777,GBR32..

14:53 | Juniors and FE are starting

14:50 | Svein Rasmussen is here to see the final day of action -some comments from him later

14:42 | Juniors and Fe are going out for the next start .
POL18 broke a harness hook in last race .
Masters first finishers -NED1111,DEN173,EST202,LAT13

14:35 | first finshers Youth -POL220,NED8,BEL7,POL739,POL192,BUL8,FRA755

14:33 | at the next mark NED8 moves into second pace ..

14:26 | masters start .Youths at the mark rounding -POL220,POL18,NED8

14:26 | masters start .Youths at the mark rounding -POL220,POL18,NED8

14:18 | Youth start -all clear!

14:13 | they are making the course bigger ,youth start soon.

14:11 | short race for juniors first finisher -Juniors: POL23 ,GBR323 ,GBR32 ; Fe -FRA335,FRA75

14:10 | Youths and masters are called to the water. 11 mins to youth start

14:03 | some internet connection problems . .. but juniorsand fe are racing .good winds 13 knots

13:30 | .the wind is building again -junior and fe sailors are called to the water

12:35 | the race is abandoned -wind has dropped ; it is not as stable as yeaterday ,we expect the direction to continue to change.Sailors have been sent ashore

12:25 | first race of the day has started -only an individual recall for junior and fe sailors .
Wind speed is 10knots

12.00 | they have hoisted the flag to go afloat for junior and FE.

11:15 | the start is postponed -next announcement 11.30
the wind has now changed direction -aspredicted , but alittlelater than yesterday.Seabreezs\are predicted , so we hope for more wind than yesterday .

10:27 | We have had the skippers meeting -the forecast is the same as yeaterday ; if we start on time the junior fleet will start first-they need 1 more race to have a second discard.First possible start 11.00.