8th of May 2006, Portugal, IFWC European Championships

First report - by Gonzalo...

A new year here in sunny and windy Portimao. Gathering the best windsurfers of the worlds, Antoine Albeau FRA192 (Starboard-Neilpryde) , Wojtec Brosowski POL10 (Starboard-Neilpryde) and many others, the event seems to be one to be remember.

Some days ago the great conditions in the water were already challenged by the first group of competitors that arrived from England, Denmark, Poland and Argentina.
Winds from the northwest going from 8 to 20 knots generating a side offshore condition prevailed all this days.
Number one and two of the world rankings Jesper Vesterstrom DEN111 (Starboard-Neilpryde) and Gonzalo Costa Hoevel ARG3 (F2, Neilpryde) plus Ross Williams GBR83 (Tabou-Gaastra) and Miguel Martinho POR-5 (Starboard-NEilpryde) local hero..were dominanting the training periods...

Being the first day of the event, registration took off. The male fleet is over 100 guys so far and 6 for the women. Allison Shreeve AUS91 (F2-Neilpryde) World Champion '05 is here as well challenging for the European Open title.

There is a massive tent for competitors on the main beach this year to store the equipment. The "show" is focussed in front of this beach so it will provide the crows a great show.

Yesterdays late but strong wind had everybody in the water. The sea was colored by sails training upwind downwinds studying the course. A lot of testing going on, peolpe trying to adjust to the strong winds that were gusting to 25 knots.

People going fast as always Steve Allen with his new Gaastras...the "team" Antoine Albeau and Julien Quetel going really solid as well....Ross, Jesper and Gonzalo seemed to pay off the early arriving as well...

So still waiting for the wind to come in...many sailors finishing registration...others still arriving as Arnon Dagan ISR1 (Fanatic-Neilpryde) and Ben van der Steen NED57 (Naish-Exocet)...and other waiting for their gear as the "team" Devon Boulon ISV1 (F2-Hansen sails) and Mike Porter ISV2 (F2) the new Neilpryde rider...

Keep you updated, everything going great and more than well organised by Overpower Crew...

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CONITO- CHANCHO | 8th May 2006 (16:08:30)

Think about a very big chocolate cookie at the end of the race gordo....and you are going to do it great!!!!! love you lechon!!!... Psyco1

Auuu-Schwitz | 8th May 2006 (17:27:37)

Good Luck boyzzzz, yeah right.. See ya at Defi Wind. Warsaw sucks.. Suqo !

Chancho | 8th May 2006 (19:14:48)

Psyco1. You sound like my type of girl. maybe i will share my cookie with you..... uuuummmmmm. or maybe something else.

love psyco 2. gordo

Girlfriend from S.D | 9th May 2006 (16:54:39)

good luck and love from your San Diego Family

Love ya

boyfriend from POR | 9th May 2006 (20:02:20)

Thanks sweety, dying to come back home...miss you...

Mike | 9th May 2006 (20:03:23)

send my regards to Jenny,,, i miss her...

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