16th of December 2005, Australia, 2005 Formula Windsurfing Championship

Check out the results of the GPS Formula initiative !

Following on from the Oceanic FW Championships in January, Ian and Devon worked together to get the "illegal" use of GPS in FW racing "overlooked" during the FW Worlds in order to get a whole new level of visibility and interactivity to sailors and spectators alike over video and internet. Devon arranged the Top 20 racers to all participate in the program, whilst Ian organised the GPS units with support from Garmin and managed all the downloads and logistics of having the units on the right guys at the right time. Following the days racing, the data was downloaded and faced with a lot of extra even later night work required to edit and prepare the tracks for use in Yann Mathlet's GPS Action Replay software, they called in Robert van Kreuningen to assist, Robert continued to put significant hours of post processing the GPS tracklogs literally whist those on the ground in Australia got some well earnt sleep. (We really want to thank Robert for his additional help and stepping up to the plate at short notice on this one !!)

The results from Championship races 4 and 5 you can see for yourselves at


... A word of caution ; these files are rather big and complex multistage downloads;
Don't panic or hang up on the download too soon ; Likewise pushing REFRESH is not a cool idea s it will blow away the existing downloaded data.

Bryan McDonald from Apple has been helping to set up some higher speed server access, which will help a lot , but so far it's not on line for this application - well, not just yet !!

Use of these downloads is strictly for fun and taken "as is"; no warranty given or implied. But it's the future :)) Enjoy.

And an interesting footnote is that at the FW class AGM held on Wednesday Leduc, it was decided strongly to support and allow the use of GPS tracking and data collection throughout FW racing as an extra opportunity to help increase the level of awareness and interest in FW racing both on the water and online.

Cheers ~ Ian and Devon

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sedzia | 16th December 2005 (13:48:03)

nice job...

Anonym | 16th December 2005 (13:56:36)

excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glenn | 16th December 2005 (15:36:31)

Fun to watch! nice project, keep it going

FRA 433 | 16th December 2005 (15:46:29)

Fantastic ! it's really good to analyse races at home.
We used GPS all along the season with my team mates and it helps a lot in fin and trims analysis.
Can we get information about the wind and it's changes during each races ?
Good job Ian, Devon, all the racers and Yann for this excellent GPSAR.
Thanks a lot for this feed back.

?????????? | 16th December 2005 (15:59:12)

Pourquoi il y a eu un reclassement ds la course 1?

FRA 433 | 16th December 2005 (16:02:08)

I forgot to thank Robert for the hard work to cut the raw datas and group them to show a good reliable replay.
Is it possible to get the wind condition during each race and the exact time at the start ?
Thanks Robert for all this hard work !
(at this time you probably just finished the gpx track for race N°6...)

Toasty | 16th December 2005 (16:07:02)

No results of race 6?

?????????? | 16th December 2005 (16:22:31)

Why the jury take decision to changing the result of Race 1 ?

---- | 16th December 2005 (16:31:58)

why the results of race number 6 haven´t been posted?????, what´s going on duderrrr?????

Gebi | 16th December 2005 (16:37:55)

race one had a few sailors sail through the restricted zone so a few were disqualified for this infraction. looks liks Julien got dsq'd.

?????????? | 16th December 2005 (16:49:44)

Why this decision after 6 race?

Roger | 16th December 2005 (16:54:42)

Cool to see the practical things you can do with Formula and GPS. I was hoping some of the guys would post their speeds also on www.gps-speedsurfing.com . Would be interesting to see if the statistics are in sync with the results in the race!!

Theo | 16th December 2005 (16:55:45)

> why the results of race number 6
> haven´t been posted??
Maybe there a lot of protests that have to be heared.

Stan from Australia | 16th December 2005 (17:40:16)

Vegi mite makes a man....... good for a "windsurf fight"!!!!

Devon go for it!!!


Juri Munkki | 16th December 2005 (18:55:22)

If you have GPSAR installed on your machine, you don't have to bother with the browser applet and can download the GPX files directly. The names of the files are in the HTML source:


(I had problems posting this note, so hopefully it works this time and you don't get three copies either...)

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